10 X-Men Villains The MCU Should Introduce

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With the purchasing of 21st Century Fox back in 2019, Disney has gathered the rights to a lot of Marvel characters as of late. Fans of the MCU have been anticipating their mutant neighbors to join them in the universe, and since the multiverse has been cracked wide open, what better time than now? Here are ten villains that Marvel Studios should include in the inevitable X-Men reboots.


Cassandra Nova

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Cassandra Nova is the twin sister of Professor X. After being conceived without a body, she began to copy Charles’ DNA in the womb until she had fully formed hands and eyes. It was then that she attempted to strangle Charles with his own umbilical cord. Charles hit her with a psychic blast causing her to be stillborn. After she was able to rebuild herself, Cassandra exacted revenge on the mutant race, convincing a descendant of Bolivar Trask to build enormous and wild sentinels. Those sentinels would go on to murder 16 million mutants. Her psychic abilities and genius would make her a formidable foe for our future X-Men.


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How Jessica Chastain's Dark Phoenix Character Is Similar To A Classic X-Men Villain - CINEMABLEND

Mastermind, a.k.a. Jason Wyngarde, is a part of the Brotherhood of Mutants. Very little is known about his life beforehand other than the fact that he was a carnival mentalist. Magento was recruited into the Brotherhood and he fought side by side with them many times against the X-Men. His powers include illusion casting, memory manipulation, and duplication.


Mr. Sinister

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Mr. Sinister, a.k.a. Dr. Nathaniel Essex, was a brilliant Victorian-era scientist who became obsessed with interpretations of natural evolution and predicted the emergence of mutants in the near future. He spent most of his life scheming ways to break free from Apocalypse, constantly clashing with the X-Men when doing so. His powers include shapeshifting, healing, a superhuman physical condition, telepathy, immortality, and teleportation.


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Onslaught was created when Charles Xavier unknowingly absorbed Magneto’s dark ego after rendering him catatonic. Magneto’s negative emotions merged with Xavier’s suppressed urges, forming a powerful, dormant psionic entity. Onslaught’s powers include telepathy, telekinesis, energy projection, manipulating magnetic fields, and affecting reality. He even holds the ability to wipe out humanity in total and create a second sun.


X-Men: Whatever Happened to Bastion, Marvel's Scariest Sentinel?

Bastion was born when the giant Sentinel, Master Mold, absorbed the advanced Sentinel prototype, Nimrod, and was forced through a pan-dimensional portal by the X-Men. After reemerging from the portal as an amnesiac human/Sentinel hybrid, Bastion began assembling the international anti-mutant strike force “Operation: Zero Tolerance”, who were formidable foes through the X-Men’s history. Being a robot, his powers include super strength, speed, intelligence, and endurance. He is also immune to psychic readings from telepaths and has complete command of all Sentinels.



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Mojo is a member of the race of Spineless Ones, beings who couldn’t evolve because of their lack of spines until the scientist Arize created exoskeletons that could help them move. He rules over the planet Mojo in the dimension named the Mojoverse, both named by himself. The society’s political structure became based on television programs due to the Spineless Ones’ low attention spans. Mojo rose to power after taking control of the television industry and showing programs that were televised exploits of the X-Men. Mojo’s powers include master manipulation, mind-control, inter-dimensional teleportation, and the projection of magical energy blasts.


Exodus X-plained: A Point-by-Point History Of The Mutant Messiah


Exodus. a.k.a. Bennet Du Paris, is one of the powerful mutants alive. He was described as a Psionic of Highest Order. He has acted as an unquestioning follower of Magneto and leader of a group of mutant criminals with a grudge against the X-Men. Exodus was created when Apocalypse unleashed Bennet’s true potential hundreds of years ago. His powers include telekinesis, resurrection/regeneration, immortality, teleportation, and superhuman strength.

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