Looks like Xbox and Nintendo Fans May Have to Wait for Hogwarts Legacy’s First DLC, and the Fans are ANGRY

Fans will have to wait until the end of Summer to see the PlayStation-exclusive quest on other platforms.

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  • A recent update by the Hogwarts Legacy developers mentioned getting its next big update towards the end of Summer.
  • A PlayStation-exclusive quest in the game was supposed to reach other platforms after a year since the title's release.
  • Fans remain hopeful that the additional quest, Mind Your Own Business, will drop on Xbox, Switch and PC soon.
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It’s officially been well over a year since developers, Avalanche Software, released Hogwarts Legacy on the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. The game was an instant hit among fans and reached an all-time peak of more than 879,000 players on Steam, which is more than Baldur’s Gate 3 and Call of Duty, at the time of writing.


Though the game launched on multiple platforms, the PlayStation edition received an additional quest, which was supposed to remain exclusive for a year. However, it hasn’t been released for Xbox, PC, or even Switch, and fans aren’t happy as they continue to wait for the quest to reach other platforms.

Hogwarts Legacy’s Horror-Themed Quest Still Remains a PlayStation Exclusive

Hogwarts Legacy is a year old and players continue to wait for one PlayStation-exclusive quest to arrive on other platforms.
Hogwarts Legacy players continue to wait for a PlayStation-exclusive quest to arrive on other platforms.

The game has a PlayStation-exclusive quest called Mind Your Own Business. It’s a unique horror-themed mission that lets players run a Hogsmeade shop. It was meant to remain an exclusive to the PlayStation edition for a year since the game was released.


That deadline ended on February 10th of this month, but players have yet to receive any word of the quest coming to other platforms. Apart from all the new visuals, players were looking forward to getting their own Hogsmeade shop to run, along with a few other unlockables.

Running a Hogsmeade shop allows players to sell their gear in Hogwarts Legacy. The developers have stressed that the quest will land on remaining platforms as well, but it will not be before Summer of this year. Fans are taking to Reddit and X to voice their frustrations, as they now have to wait longer than previously expected.

Fans Take to Reddit to Voice Their Frustration

Hogwarts Legacy fans also hope for a Quidditch match or an online duel to be added to the game.
Hogwarts Legacy fans also hope for a Quidditch match or an online duel to be added to the game.

Fans have been discussing the missing quest on Reddit as they’ve been frustrated by the wait. One of the fans commented that the exclusive was a lot better than most other quests in the game, and it could be that the developers needed to optimize it before releasing it on other platforms.


A lot of the comments mentioned how it may not matter anymore given the game has been out for a year.

Players have been waiting for a Quidditch match or online duels to be added to the game as a DLC as well. A summer release for the next major update to the game sounds very vague. The fact that the update doesn’t mention whether it will be a DLC or not seems to further frustrate fans.

Several others hoped that whatever update drops in the Summer should ideally remain free. For now, fans who have the game on other platforms apart from PlayStation are majorly waiting for the additional quest to drop on their preferred console or PC.


Apart from the Hogsmeade shop, the other exclusive content includes a Shopkeeper Cosmetic Set and a Felix Felicis Potion Recipe. Fans hope to get their hands on the missing quest soon, but unfortunately the wait continues.

Are you waiting to get your hands on the Mind Your Own Business Quest? Let us know in the comments.


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