“the game testers are currently playing it now.”: Fans Go into a Frenzy at the News another Xbox Exclusive May be Releasing a Master Chief-esque Collection

Gamers are getting excited as a Gears of War collection has unofficially been announced during an Xbox Insider podcast.


  • During an Xbox Insider podcast, it was unofficially announced that Gears of War is getting a collection.
  • Gamers are both eager and worried about this rumoured Gears of War collection.
  • Many gamers are waiting until an official announcement is made before they get hyped up.
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If you are a Gears of War fan, then I have some good news to share with you. During the Xbox Infinite podcast, there was an unofficial announcement that the developers behind the Gears of War franchise, The Coalition, are currently testing the final build with game testers and internal staff for a Gears of War collection.


However, be warned that this is not an official announcement from the development team behind the Gears of War franchise; this has only been mentioned by a podcaster during a stream, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t turn out to be true.

Why Is the Coalition Creating the Gears of War Collection for Xbox, and What Are the Fans Reactions?

During the Xbox Infinite podcast, it was unofficially announced that Gears of War could be getting a collection.
During the Xbox Infinite podcast, it was unofficially announced that Gears of War could be getting a collection.

This isn’t the first time that The Coalition has remade a Gears of War game, and this most likely won’t be the last, as the first game has already been remade. However, this is more focused on the entire franchise than just one single game.


The reason they have created this collection is that the next installment in the Gears of War franchise could be released sometime this year, and it would be the perfect time to do a full collection of the first five games in the franchise and allow players to replay those games with better graphics and frame rates than when they were originally released.

Even though this isn’t an official announcement of the collection’s release, this hasn’t stopped the franchise’s fan base from taking to Twitter/X to announce their excitement for the collection if it is real, and what they plan to play if or when it does become a reality.

Since it isn’t confirmed, there are some gamers who don’t have a lot of faith in this rumor, as they have already begun stating that they will wait until it is officially announced or that they can see the game in their hands as a real item they can use.


However, there are many gamers who are over the moon with this rumor, as some gamers have posted tweets saying all sorts of positive comments about the Gears of War franchise and what moments they enjoyed, their favorite weapons, the first game modes they will load up on release, and all sorts of different moments they cannot wait to experience again.

For example, one gamer who is a fan of the franchise has posted on Twitter to show their excitement for the franchise by saying that they cannot wait to jump back into Jacinto on Horde mode with their nephew all over again, which is a heartfelt post as it shows that this collection has had fans for years and it will bring back fond memories for some gamers.


Another gamer also commented by saying that if this collection is anything like Halo’s Masterchief collection, then they are all in. which is completely understandable as that collection was incredible and worked wonders for Halo in both bringing in new gamers and reminding the older gamers how much fun Halo can be.

These aren’t the only comments either, as another player has also taken to Twitter/X to express their excitement of the franchise by saying how it wasn’t done earlier is crazy to them if this rumour is true, and we can fully agree with them on that, as it makes no sense as to why this collection has taken so long to become reality.


Finally, one major fan of the franchise has posted their comments regarding the collection, and they are full of positive vibes, as they show they are majorly excited for the collection to finally be released, as they are short and to the point by saying if it’s the entire collection, then count them in, and we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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