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Xbox Leak Reveals 75 Percent of Owners Have an Xbox Series S

In the recent Microsoft versus FTC documents leak, a new revelation has come up regarding the Xbox sales, and this might be shocking to some. One of the documents from the PDF shows the gaming results of Xbox in April 2022 and according to it, the Xbox Series S accounts for more console sales than the Series X.


Series S has always been debated for not being a next-generation console as it is less powerful in comparison to Series X and PS5. However, it turns out that the different console options have been embraced well by the customers.

Xbox Series S Outshines Series X

The "Console Sell-In Mix" from the leaked documents show that 75% of Xbox owners have a Series S
The “Console Sell-In Mix” from the leaked documents shows that 75% of Xbox owners have a Series S

According to the “Console Sell-In Mix” in the documents, 74.8% of next-generation Xbox owners own the Xbox Series S and merely 25.1% had the Series X, and since these numbers are from 2022, they could have changed now. However, Series S surpassing Series X in sales is not that surprising. The Series S, although less powerful than the Series X and lacks 4k gaming, is a much more affordable option than the three next-generation consoles.

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The Series S console costs $299 or $349.99 if players go for the recently launched 1TB model whereas Series C is priced at $499 similar to the PlayStation 5. The Series S console is a viable option for lots of players and has always been in demand, even when it was limited in stock. Even though it is less powerful, the Series X is capable of playing big games and even if it can not run at higher visual settings, it still does a good job.

Xbox Series S only costs $299 and is an viable option for many
Xbox Series S only costs $299 and is a viable option for many

As reported by VGC, Xbox head Phil Spencer also stated the previous month that Xbox would not drop Series S for any games. All the titles that will launch on Series X, will also come to Series S. He also mentioned that it is important to have entry-level price consoles and Microsoft is committed to both its consoles.

New Xbox Console – Revealed

Microsoft is reportedly working on new Xbox consoles
Microsoft is reportedly working on new Xbox consoles

Amongst the trove of documents, a new mid-generation Xbox console was also leaked which will be a digital-only refresh for Series X and S. Microsoft has always said that it does not have any plans for any new console but the leaks revealed the contrary. The refresh console is codenamed ‘Brooklin’ with 2TB storage, Wi-Fi 6E, and reduced power consumption.


A redesigned immersive controller codenamed ‘Sebile’ is also reportedly in the works. With the console refresh, the Game Pass will also get upgraded with extra games and new features. For example, the players will be able to stream the games on mobile devices. These leaks reveal the future of Microsoft gaming which seems pretty exciting and gamers can’t wait to see what’s next.

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What are your thoughts about Series S selling more than Series X? Are you looking forward to the Xbox console refresh? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


Source: IGN

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