“Y’all need to give Michael Myers some rest”: Miramax Beats A24 for Jamie Lee Curtis’ Halloween Cinematic Universe Spanning Across TV & Movies

Miramax Television has signed a wide-ranging deal with Trancas to develop a 'Halloween' TV series

Miramax Beats A24 for Jamie Lee Curtis' Halloween Cinematic Universe Spanning Across TV & Movies


  • Miramax won the rights to produce a 'Halloween' TV series after a heated bidding battle
  • Miramax will be working in close collaboration with Malek Akkad’s Trancas International Films.
  • Fans have mixed reactions over the return of the iconic masked slasher to the small screen.
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Miramax has fought hard to finally win the bidding battle with many strong contenders including A24 for television rights to the Halloween horror franchise. The hit franchise has continued to give chills down the spine to audiences over the years with Jamie Lee Curtis’s character, Laurie Strode, facing off against the franchise’s legendary antagonist, Michael Myers in the movie series. 

Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode in Halloween Kills, directed by David Gordon Green
Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode in Halloween Kills, directed by David Gordon Green

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The franchise has a long-lasting impact on Hollywood’s horror genre and now it is ready to share the same enthralling experience on the small screen. 


Miramax Wins Over the Halloween Franchise Rights for Small Screen

Michael Myers and Laurie Strode in Halloween Ends
Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Michael Myers in Halloween Ends [Photo Credit: Ryan Green/Universal Pictures]
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After a heated bidding battle which reportedly was ongoing for several weeks, Miramax has gained the television rights to the Halloween franchise. The indie studio had a fierce bidding war which included A24 as its strong contenders. Initially, it was reported that A24 was in the major lead in the bidding race but the rights eventually went to the former. 

The franchise’s television rights were controlled by Malek Akkad’s Trancas International Films with Miramax signing a wide-range deal. The Deadline shared, 


“Miramax Television has signed a wide-ranging deal with Trancas to develop and co-produce a Halloween TV series, which also includes a first-look agreement on other television projects for the international marketplace.”

In addition to that, the indie studio is also envisioning to potentially launch a cinematic universe spanning across the movies and television. The report mentioned that Miramax’s Head of Global TV, Marc Helwig will be in close collaboration with Akkad to look at the franchise creatively. 

However, fans have presented a variety of reactions to this recent news with many wanting the antagonist to take a break. 

Fans Reacted to Miramax Winning the Halloween Franchise’s TV Rights


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Amid the new addition of the horror franchise in the studio, Helwig expressed his thoughts. He mentioned, 

“We are thrilled to expand our long and successful partnership with Trancas and the brilliant Malek Akkad in introducing this iconic franchise to a new form of storytelling and a new generation of fans.”

However, fans are expressing different opinions on the same. While few want the central antagonist to take a break after donning the scary vibes for several years, others consider it an opportunity to revamp the franchise by centering the TV series around him. 

Check out the tweet here. 



The Jamie Lee Curtis-led Halloween franchise has 13 movies that have a huge cultural significance in the horror genre. As for Curtis’s return to the franchise, it is still in the haze as back in 2022, she would never say “never” to returning to the horror genre as the 2022 movie marked the end of the trilogy. 


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