“Yeah it’s just literal trash”: Fans are Turning on LEGO Fortnite for Absurd Reason

The record-breaking mode is no more popular.



  • Fortnite players blame LEGO mode for ruining the Item Shop with LEGO version skins.
  • Players claim LEGO collaboration is stopping Epic from bringing new skins.
  • Not all players agree and think that the developer can never keep everyone happy.
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Fortnite received the LEGO mode in early December 2023 along with new modes, maps, weapons, and more. LEGO Fortnite mode offers players an open world to explore with building, crafting, and surviving elements. The mode soon became a hit and set a new record regarding player count.


LEGO Fortnite had an all-time peak player count of nearly 2.5 million in less than four days of release. The LEGO mode has been popular among players since its launch but players have now turned on it for a ridiculous reason that will shock many who are not part of it.

Fans Target LEGO Fortnite Over Skins in Item Shop

Fortnite players blame LEGO mode for ruining Item Shop.
Fortnite players blame LEGO mode for ruining Item Shop.

This Season’s Item Shop has been a hot topic of discussion and debate among players and they think that Epic has ruined the Item Shop with LEGO variants. Fortnite player and Redditor Skull-OWar took to the FortNiteBR subreddit and said that LEGO Fortnite mode has “single-handedly killed the Item Shop” so far in this season.


The user mentioned that the skins arriving in the Item Shop are only coming with LEGO versions and accused Epic Games of being in a deal with LEGO that stops it from bringing any other skins. Skull-OWar further added that this skin thing feels worse because the LEGO game mode is not “even that good” and said that it makes one feel like they’re playing “crappy Minecraft or Terraria clone.” Several players joined in and agreed to the users’ comments.

A player said that the collaboration is the reason why Epic Games removed the Daily and Featured tab and added the LEGO tab but none of the players care about Signature Style tabs. They mentioned that it also has the same skins and emotes, with many being rotated in the last month. Many also said that they have been waiting for new skins but have got nothing so far.

Another user wellthatslifex agreed to this and called LEGO skins “literal trash in the Item shop.” They stated that they don’t understand what is Epic Games planning for the game, adding that players have been telling Epic what skins they want, and most of the skins that they wanted have LEGO versions, and players only feel like they are losing money on these skins.

Players believe that Fortnite LEGO collaboration is stopping Epic from bringing new skins.
Players believe that Fortnite LEGO collaboration is stopping Epic from bringing new skins.

Players also said that Epic Games is only looking for quick cash grab with these skins and this might go on until the Fortnite community stops purchasing them. One player added that LEGO did not ruin the item shop as it has always been “trash.” While the vast majority of the players complained about this, some players think otherwise.

Reddit user HereToKillEuronymous added that Epic has two other game modes to take care of other than LEGO and both those modes have separate sections and because of that, the developer has its hands full. They also added that Epic Games “bit off more than they could chew workload-wise.”

Some players added that the user should not worry about it and play the game instead of thinking about spending money, and they would still be unhappy with any other thing even if there were new skins. One player said, “Who doom scrolls the item shop every day?” looking to spend V-Bucks.


Another player added that many like different stuff than what they like, and even though Skull-OWar is not wrong for complaining V-Bucks can be used on other things than just skins. A few players also added that if all skins come to the item shop together, there would be no rarity left and that’s not good. While many debated the skins in item stop, some players wondered why there isn’t a real LEGO Fortnite set yet. Nonetheless, everyone’s got their priorities straight.

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