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Yoshihiro Togashi has More than 3 Possible Endings Already Prepared for Hunter x Hunter

Multiple Hunter x Hunter has been revealed by Yoshihiro Togashi.

yoshihiro togashi has more than 3 possible endings already prepared for hunter x hunter


  • Hunter x Hunter creator Yoshihiro Togashi, has been constantly suffering from back pain and health issues, so the manga has gone on hiatus for multiple times.
  • Yoshihiro Togashi has revealed three endings to his popular manga, Hunter x Hunter, so that the fans can get an idea about the ending, and satisfaction levels
  • There is another ending to Hunter x Hunter, which Yoshihiro Togashi created in case there is an emergency and he could not finish it.

Hunter x Hunter remains one of the greatest anime to never get a proper ending. Even though it is a manga from the 1990s, the recurring back pain and health issues with Yoshihiro Togashi, the creator, have hampered the progress of the story. The 2010s version of Hunter x Hunter was highly praised for its unique plot and won several awards over time.

Yoshihiro Togashi recovered a little and tried to get back to his desk to finish his story, but it was only for a short period. The creator does want to leave the fans unsatisfied, so he revealed several endings to his story. The thought of him not recovering made him give away spoilers so that the fans could at least know the ending, even if there was no plot.

Yoshihiro Togashi Reveals Multiple Hunter x Hunter Endings

Yoshihiro Togashi
Yoshihiro Togashi

Yoshihiro Togashi’s recurring back pain and health issues have caused him to take leave from his work quite often, and he has yet to finish Hunter x Hunter. His previous manga, Yu Yu Hakusho, also suffered the same thing. He somehow finished it, but it was rushed and did not have a satisfactory ending, which the fans had hoped for. It showed a lot of promise, but it never reached its peak.

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To avoid such circumstances, Yoshihiro Togashi was careful with Hunter x Hunter and revealed three endings to his popular manga. The first scenario will leave the fans 80% satisfied and 20% dissatisfied. The second scenario will have a 50% satisfaction and dissatisfaction rate. The third scenario will only have a 10% satisfaction rate for the readers.

Gon in Hunter x Hunter
Gon in Hunter x Hunter

Apart from these three endings, there is another ending that Togashi planned initially but later shifted to the previous three endings. The last ending will be regarded as an original ending if something were to happen to the creator and he cannot finish Hunter x Hunter.

Hunter x Hunter Intended Ending

The ending that Yoshihiro Togashi planned if something were to happen to him revolved around a village girl named Jin. The scene starts with Jin catching the biggest fish in the lake, the Lake Lord, pretty much the same as Gon did, and takes it to her house to show it to her mother. Her mother was not satisfied since she wanted Jin to become a hunter, but Jin always refused.

Hunter x Hunter anime
Hunter x Hunter anime

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After Jin walks away, Jin’s father walks in, and her mother complains to him about her rejecting the idea of becoming a hunter and wanting to stay in the village, inherit their place, and look after her close ones. Her father was happy with her decision and never forced her. Seeing her daughters and husband’s intentions, she said that it was all due to Grandma Mito and Grandma Noko’s blood. These two characters are new, and there are no details on them either.

Later, it was revealed that neither of the grandmas were related by blood. Jin’s mother then revealed that Grandpa Gon was a great hunter. It is the point where the fans could connect and speculate that Jin’s mother might be Gon’s child either by blood or by marriage. Then, the story shifts to Jin, who is hearing the conversation from a forest and is revealed to have great hearing prowess.

Killua and Gon using Nen in Hunter x Hunter
Killua and Gon using Nen

She then ran off to Mito’s shop, where a chubby young child joined. Jin said that she hated the idea of becoming a hunter going far away and visiting the village only once in a blue moon. Then she decided to honor the entire village and went on to cook the Lake Lord. Then, the panel shifts and shows that the three main individuals are the son, daughter, and grandchild of three different people. There is a thin possibility they might be Gon, Killua, Kurapika, or Leorio.

At the end, a shadow is seen to observe the whole show from afar. The fans speculate it to be Killua since he has a mysterious aura like that. If Yoshihiro Togashi thinks that he might not keep up with the manga, he might reveal more secrets about Hunter x Hunter in the future.

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