“You are a f*cking liar”: Eddie Redmayne Almost Killed Himself and Half of His Movie Crew That Starred Helen Mirren Because of His Lie

"You are a f*cking liar": Eddie Redmayne Almost Killed Himself and Half of His Movie Crew That Starred Helen Mirren Because of His Lie
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Hollywood actors often find themselves being desperate for certain roles in order to boost their careers. And to book that particular role, the actors even lie, cheat, and push their limits. Well, Oscar-winner Eddie Redmayne once appeared on the list of actors who “fake it till they make it”, for his 2005 miniseries. 

Eddie Redmayne
Eddie Redmayne

Desperate to land a part in Tom Hooper’s 2005 TV show Elizabeth I, which starred Helen Mirren, Eddie Redmayne pretended to be an equine enthusiast while auditioning. Lying to the director about his horse riding skills, the British actor later admitted almost killing himself and half of the crew, during a scene. 

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Eddie Redmayne Lied to Tom Hooper About His Riding Skills 

Before collaborating with Tom Hooper for most of his projects, Eddie Redmayne was desperate to book his career with the acclaimed filmmaker. Trying to get a part in Hooper’s 2005 drama series Elizabeth I, the actor admitted lying about his horse riding skills, to land the job. 

Eddie Redmayne
Redmayne lied about his horse-riding skills

Appearing for an interview on Conan O’Brien’s late-night show (via Team Coco), Eddie Redmayne was asked about the biggest lie he has ever told to land a role. Recalling the one he told Tom Hooper for the 2005 show, the actor revealed how he lied through his teeth about being an experienced horseback rider. 

Gosh, I think there are millions of them. But there was a thing about 10 years ago, Tom Hooper, who directed ‘Les Miserables’, was auditioning for a thing about Queen Elizabeth. I had my last audition and just as I was leaving the room, he said, ‘Oh, one more thing, Eddie, have you ever been on a horse?’ And I said ‘… Yes’ and walked out of the room.” 

Eddie Redmayne
Eddie Redmayne in Elizabeth I miniseries

The story doesn’t end here, because Redmayne mentions he has “only been on a horse aged four and just kind of led around a paddock”. Thus, moving further, the actor discussed the consequences of his lie, with the host Conan O’Brien


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Eddie Redmayne’s Lie Nearly Killed Him And Half of The Crew

Eddie Redmayne recalled during his interview with Conan O’Brien for his late-night show (via Team Coco), how he not only lied about his horse riding skills but also gave the impression of being an equine enthusiast. Trying to make his lie believable to the director, the actor admitted rambling during auditions. But when the time came, Redmayne’s lie was exposed. 

Elizabeth I
Elizabeth I drama series (2005)

I gave the impression that I was a bit of a horse aficionado. Cut to three weeks later and we’re in Lithuania. They’ve built a huge Elizabethan street, I’m on a gigantic stallion, with about 40 Lithuanian horse stuntmen behind me. Helen Mirren is at the end of this big road…she’s dressed in this huge Elizabethan gown.” 

He further added how he wanted to admit his lie before the shooting began, but realized it was already too late. “They’re attaching a spur to my feet and I’m wondering, at what point do I admit that I have basically never been on a horse in my life?” Redmayne shared. Eventually, his one lie nearly risked his and Helen Mirren‘s life, along with half of the crew. 

Eddie Redmayne
Eddie Redmayne nearly caused a fatal accident due to his lie

They called action and I basically went furiously down at 100 miles an hour, almost killed myself – and almost killed half of the crew. Tom Hooper comes from behind Helen Mirren with a huge loudspeaker and goes, ‘You’re a f*cking liar, Redmayne.” 

But eventually, things got fine, as Eddie Redmayne wasn’t fired but sent back for a riding lesson. And even Tom Hooper managed to exact revenge on the actor when he made him ride a horse once again in the 2012 movie Les Miserables

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