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“You Australian Man Wh*re”: Dwayne Johnson Hurt Chris Hemsworth’s Feelings With Unique Song, Called Him the Worst Chris in Hollywood

"You Australian Man Wh*re": Dwayne Johnson Hurt Chris Hemsworth’s Feelings With Unique Song, Called Him the Worst Chris in Hollywood

Dwayne Johnson is currently one of the most famous celebrities out there and he is loved by millions of people who follow him. Currently being the most sought actor in Hollywood, Johnson paved his way to this immense fame and wealth through his hard work and sheer dedication. As we speak, The Rock is officially the highest-paid actor in the Hollywood industry, and before his career in Hollywood, he was a global sensation in WWE.

Dwayne Johnson had a very successful run at the WWE and debuted very late into the acting business, unlike other actors who have been in the industry from a very young age. On Chris Hemsworth’s 35th birthday, The Rock sent him a birthday wish compiled into a video through social media, and the video is quite hilarious.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

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Dwayne Johnson’s Innovative Song for Chris Hemsworth

On the 11th of August 2018, Chris Hemsworth turned 35 and the internet was filled with good wishes for the Thor actor. His fans have not left any part of social media where their wishes have not reached for their most valued superstar. Many celebrities have also expressed their wishes and passed on their good wishes for Hemsworth, but one of those wishes stuck out as being the goofiest and most hilarious wishes of all time.

But from all those wishes, Dwayne Johnson‘s wish for Chris Hemsworth was the funniest as the video he shared through his social media platform shows him working out in his gym, the iron paradise, and him singing a happy birthday song for Hemsworth which goes,

“Here in the iron paradise, I am training legs, Saturday night, focused, getting better. But I just found out it was a buddy of mine’s birthday, so I paused the music, paused my workout and I am sending him some birthday love because that’s what friends are for”

“Happy birthday to Thor, you are Australian man-wh*re, you’re the greatest Chris and thats a fact, after Evans, Pine, and Pratt. Happy birthday you hansome son of a b*tch Chris Hemsworth. I send you a lot of love man from down here in the iron paradise”

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth

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Well, the way it looks, Dwayne Johnson is having more fun than Chris Hemsworth and it was all in good fun between two well-known A-listers.

What Are Dwayne Johnson and Chris Hemsworth Current Doing?

The Rock has a lot of cooking to be done. Dwayne Johnson after his scuffle with the DCU has not solidified his next movie as Black Adam as his first was not a success on a major scale. Currently, The Rock is prepping for his movie Red One, which is rumored to be the next best action-thriller blockbuster and this is an update Johnson himself made.

The movie has already progressed a bit and the theme will be based on Christmas, including famous actors like Chris Evans, J.K Simmons, and many others. It is also rumored that the Red One will be a competitor to the Fast & Furious franchise movie that will be coming out in 2023 as Johnson was once a member of the FF franchise.

Dwayne Johnson on the set of Red One
Dwayne Johnson on the set of Red One

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Chris Hemsworth has been working on his most recent show on Disney+, a docuseries called Limitless. It is very good news for all the Hemsworth fans out there, but Chris Hemsworth also revealed that while he was filming for the show, he received some very troubling news related to his health that cannot be overlooked. The Australian actor was diagnosed with a high risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and since then Hemsworth has taken time off from the acting scenario and is currently spending a lot of time with his family.

Red One will be released in 2023.

Source: Dwayne Johnson | Instagram

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