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‘You cannot waste a casting that good’: Fans Want Andrew Garfield To Lead Sony’s Spider-Verse After Rumors of His Return in The Amazing Spider-Man 3

Fans have spoken: Andrew Garfield must lead Spider-Verse

It’s no shocker that fans still hold on to Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker from The Amazing Spider-Man movies. Many believe that his Spider-Man was cut short abruptly and that the character didn’t end up getting any sort of closure. While Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland each have three solo Spider-Man movies to their name, Andrew Garfield only has two.

Spider-Man FandomWire
The ensemble cast of Spider-Man: No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Way Home undoubtedly crushed it at the box office and quickly became one of the most beloved Marvel movies out there. Well, a little credit has to be given to the two O.G. Spider-Men who once again put on their red-blue spider suits. The movie ended up with fans demanding the third installment of The Amazing Spider-Man franchise. With rumors going around about Andrew Garfield returning to finish what he started, fans couldn’t be more excited.

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Fans Want Andrew Garfield to Lead Sony’s Spiderverse

Andrew Garfield.
Actor Andrew Garfield.

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Fans went crazy when Andrew Garfield walked out of a portal in Spider-Man: No Way Home. If you watched the movie in the theatres, you can possibly still hear the screams of delight that erupted during that scene. After watching and assessing the movie, fans were convinced, Garfield must return to play Spider-Man one more time. The growth the actor showed in this performance was far beyond what was seen in TASM. Twitter users shared their opinion stating that Sony and Marvel need to realize Garfield’s potential and must not waste the perfectly good casting. Naturally, fans want more of the now-mature Peter Parker.

Garfield has previously stated that he is open to the possibility of coming back as Spider-Man in the future endeavors of Sony. Now, with the ever-growing Spider-Verse and the events that happened in No Way Home, now would be the perfect time for Garfield to return. Fans have even stated that Garfield’s Peter Parker was the most comic-accurate version yet. They want nothing less than Garfield being the frontman of the Spider-Verse.

After having loved and lost, Garfield’s Spider-Man showed a more emotional side of himself. The right filmmaker and the right script are all that is needed to adequately elaborate on the grown-up version of Spider-Man.

How Realistic is Andrew Garfield’s Return?

Andrew Garfield as the Amazing Spider-Man
Andrew Garfield as the Amazing Spider-Man

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Sure, fans can speculate and fans can hope, but the one thing fans can’t do is make their ideas official. That’s for the heads over at Sony to do. So the question arises, how realistic is Garfield’s return to the Spider-Man universe? While rumors are flying around about the Hacksaw Ridge actor currently being in talks about his return and a possible threequel to The Amazing Spider-Man, nothing can be said with absolute certainty.

However, the current Spider-Man, Tom Holland, has expressed doubts about continuing his Spider-Man legacy. On the other hand, Garfield has shown more and more interest in the character. With fans advocating for the actor’s return, it just might be a possibility. One must never doubt the power fans hold. Remember how they got Charlie Cox to return as Daredevil through their “Save Daredevil” campaign?

Should Garfield’s Spider-Man was to return, it sure would be interesting to see how Peter Parker moved on from the devastating loss of his love, Gwen Stacy. That is if he was able to move on at all. Did saving Zendaya‘s MJ in No Way Home give him any closure? Did sharing a heart-to-heart session with the other two Spider-Men make his life a bit easier? What happened after Peter Parker restarted his Spider-Man career? All these questions are a huge mystery in the minds of TASM fans. There’s only one way to answer them all.

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