“You don’t have to be a whiny crybaby”: Shang-Chi Star Simu Liu Gets Blasted Again While Promoting ‘Barbie’ After Actor Still Salty About Quentin Tarantino⁩

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Simu Liu, who recently appeared in the first trailer for the Barbie movie has been commenting on Quentin Tarantino being against superhero movies, making it a public discourse to a point where fans opted to take Tarantino’s side even if they adore superhero media. The actor’s Hollywood debut came with his titular role in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. 

Simu Liu makes a highly offensive joke on Twitter leaving fans mad
Simu Liu as Shang-Chi

Ever since then, Simu Liu has been a part of the superhero industry and he even got a part in Margot Robbie’s upcoming Barbie movie. The trailer dropped recently and the actor took this as an opportunity to again make a snarky remark against Quentin Tarantino, something the fans did not appreciate at all.

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Simu Liu Comments Against Quentin Tarantino Again While Promoting The Barbie Trailer

In a recent tweet that Simu Liu made, he shared the trailer of Barbie while commenting on Quentin Tarantino and his criticism against superhero movies and how they take over the cinema. The actor recently started a discourse with the director, backing up superhero movies and what they stand for. This has been ongoing for a while now, with the fact that Simu Liu even commented on Tarantino being racist and not bending towards inclusivity and diversity, something that made fans side against the actor almost in an instant.

Simu Liu comments on Ethan Hawke's Mandarin Goof-Up in Moon Knight
Simu Liu

Once again, he promoted his movie, a non-superhero movie while mocking Tarantino’s comment, emphasizing his comment on the comic book world’s takeover on the Hollywood industry. The director has been very open about his disagreement with those movies and yet he has also stated that he would love to direct a superhero movie whose script fits his taste. Simu Liu on the other hand has been targetting him again and again, making the fans think it to be unnecessary, especially considering that Tarantino is much more experienced than the actor.

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Fans Grow Tired Of Simu Liu Mocking Quentin Tarantino

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Fans have been replying with memes and seem to be done with Simu Liu constantly attacking Quentin Tarantino, both the director’s and the actor’s fans have sided with the Kill Bill director on his statements of the Marvel characters and actors, the differences that they have.






The audience has been asking the actor to sit back and relax and just let go of the past, rather not to take it personally because the director is much more experienced and has nothing against superhero actors, to begin with.


Barbie will be available to watch in theatres from 21st July 2023.

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