“You don’t want a whole Bible of it”: Barry Keoghan Needed to Keep 5 Different Notebooks to Stay Up to Date with His Saltburn Character

Barry Keoghan actually required 5 different notebooks to keep updated on his Saltburn character.

"You don't want a whole Bible of it": Barry Keoghan Needed to Keep 5 Different Notebooks to Stay Up to Date with His Saltburn Character


  • Barry Keoghan has acted in several top-class films over the years that made him a big deal - including Saltburn.
  • Keoghan actually needed 5 different notebooks to keep updated on his Saltburn character.
  • The actor also took 11 takes for a very bold dance scene in Saltburn.
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Barry Keoghan has received widespread acclaim for his performances in The Killing of a Sacred Deer, Dunkirk, Calm with Horses, and Eternals. The actor has once again delivered an acting masterclass in his leading role in Saltburn, a 2023 movie that has become a hot topic of discussion among cinephiles, who are in awe of Keoghan’s performance. That said, Keoghan actually needed to keep five different notebooks to stay up to date with his Saltburn character, Oliver.


The performances of the leading actors, particularly Barry Keoghan, have simply blown the minds of both audiences and critics, with many regarding it as one of Keoghan’s best performances. Saltburn is destined to be the movie that defines Keoghan’s career, solidifying his status in the industry and then some.

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Barry Keoghan as Oliver in Saltburn
Barry Keoghan

Barry Keoghan Required 5 Different Notebooks To Keep Track of His Saltburn Character

Barry Keoghan and Jacob Elordi in this scene from Saltburn

Barry Keoghan’s Saltburn character Oliver, is entangled in a captivating narrative described as a “beautifully wicked tale of privilege and desire,” as stated in the official logline. That said, his character does a lot of whacky things in the movie.

While speaking to GQ, Barry Keoghan revealed that he needed to keep five different notebooks to keep up to date with his character from Saltburn – Oliver. Fans can genuinely understand why considering how complex a character Oliver is.

I had five notebooks for that, five Moleskine notebooks, instead of one or two. Each notebook would represent personalities, you know, different acceleration, different motives, different tone, how is he different from here to Oliver Three, just reminding you. You know, not too, too much, either. You don’t want a whole bible of it.”

Barry Keoghan has consistently demonstrated a willingness to go above and beyond what the script demands, ensuring that any role he takes on steals the show. This commitment to his craft has ensured fans love him for what he does and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon.


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Barry Keoghan took 11 Takes For Bold Dance Scene in Saltburn

Barry Keoghan in the infamous bath tub scene from Saltburn
Another still from Saltburn

In a scene from Emerald Fennell’s Saltburn, Barry Keoghan had to perform a naked dance. While speaking to Variety, Fennell explained that the scene was meant to capture a post-coital, euphoric, solitary moment that adds a sense of madness to the narrative.

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Everything is diabolical, but it’s exhilarating,” Fennell explained. “It’s post-coital, euphoric, solitary and it’s mad.”

Although the scenes were challenging, Barry Keoghan dedicated 11 takes to perfect the dance sequence, emphasizing the importance of achieving perfection in such a pivotal moment for the character. The scene played a crucial role in delving into the deeper psychological essence of the character. That is also down to just how much Keoghan cared about getting into character.


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