“You have to be an idiot not to recognise…”: Chris Martin Disagrees With Donald Trump, Calls Rihanna the Best Singer of All Time

"You have to be an idiot not to recognise...": Chris Martin Disagrees With Donald Trump, Calls Rihanna the Best Singer of All Time
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There has been a lot of talk surrounding Rihanna recently, especially after the R&B singer-songwriter emerged out of retirement and launched straight into the global mainstream popular culture. 7 long years after the Barbadian singer released her album ANTI, Rihanna catches up to the rest of the world with her single Lift Me Up for Marvel’s incredible Phase Four closer, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. But not everything is as peaceful on the outskirts of her work and personal life.


The socio-politically charged atmosphere has just been lit on fire by the former President of the United States, Donald Trump, who has ignited the incendiary sparks to the online debate regarding Rihanna’s talent as a singer, artist, and performer.


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Coldplay Lead Chris Martin Comes to Rihanna’s Defense

If the entire thematic module of Donald Trump’s strategy for getting the attention of the people was to say exactly the opposite of what everyone else considers as fact – then it’s got to be a brilliant and working plan. Most recently, the 45th POTUS posted on his Truth Social account – “Without her “Stylist” she’d be NOTHING. Bad everything, and NO TALENT!” Although not a far throw from crying out – terrible, horrible, no good, very bad – the sudden outburst of critique aimed at one of the most talented artists of this generation generates from a muddied past of clashing opinions and legal battles between the two.

Rihanna and Chris Martin performing together in 2012
Rihanna and Chris Martin performing at a 2012 concert

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Ahead of Rihanna’s 2023 Super Bowl performance, the Trump critique has already generated enough talk in the town to hype up the ante. But even beyond the purpose of PR, there is a level of ignorant and nonsensical tone to the claims that were levied against the Desperado singer. Coldplay’s lead vocalist, Chris Martin, certainly didn’t hesitate in making that clear when he came out in support of Rihanna. In a recent Zane Lowe interview, the Yellow singer claimed – “You have to be an idiot not to recognize that she’s the best singer of all time.” Subtle!


Rihanna’s Epic Clash With Donald Trump Over the Years

It began when Rihanna’s filed a cease-and-desist letter against Donald Trump in 2018 after it was brought to her attention that the then-President was “blaring” her song, Don’t Stop the Music, at a weekend rally at Tallahassee, Florida. The singer tweeted, “Not for much longer… me nor my people would ever be at or around one of those tragic rallies.” Rihanna won the legal battle but the situation grew more volatile after she posted a picture of graffiti saying F**k Trump” on her social media in 2020.

Donald Trump at a New Hampshire rally
Donald Trump

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The recent turn of events was an extension of the 2020 graffiti. Texas Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson recently called out Rihanna, criticizing her use of apparent obscenities aimed at Trump. The latter then responded to the resurfaced event by taking to Truth Social and hurtling insults that honestly could do a lot better with a bit of imagination.


Rihanna will appear in her Super Bowl LVII halftime performance on Sunday, February 12, 2023.

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