“You have to work through this!”: Emma Stone Had To Confront Bradley Cooper After Being Confused By His Weird Behavior

on Variety's Actors on Actors talk show, the duo had a light hearted pointing out on weird quirk that Emma Stone picked up while sitting with Bradley Cooper.

Emma Stone Had To Confront Bradley Cooper After Being Confused By His Weird Behavior


  • Emma Stone sat down with Bradley Cooper to talk about their respective films: Poor Things and Maestro
  • Cooper talked with his eyes closed, a quirk that Stone pointed out and asked the actor to work on it
  • Both their films have become potent Oscar contenders, with very stiff competition for 2024
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Variety’s Actors on Actors interviews have put together some very interesting combinations of artists in the same room, who end up asking thought-provoking and deep questions to their peers, some of whom are long-time friends, and some who are relative strangers to each other.

Bradley Cooper in Maestro
Bradley Cooper in Maestro

As the talk show put Emma Stone (starring in Poor Things) and Bradley Cooper (starring in Maestro) in a room together, Stone observed a weird habit in Cooper, one she insisted that he work on getting rid of while both actors shared a laugh.

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Emma Stone couldn’t stop laughing at Bradley Cooper closing his eyes

Emma Stone
Emma Stone in Poor Things

While discussing the roles that they each played in the films and the people that they worked with, Stone saw that Cooper would close his eyes while talking for extended periods, almost as if he were talking while asleep. This intrigued the actress, and be it out of concern or curiosity, she ended up asking the actor why he was doing that. The actor, in between giggles and smiles, said:

“Because I realized as I’ve gotten more comfortable with myself, I think better when my eyes are closed. Just deal with it, dude. ”

Cooper and Stone then proceeded to close their eyes, joking about how it feels, but it turns out that it genuinely affected the conversation, making The Amazing Spider-Man actress feel better, while the Guardians of the Galaxy alum continued the conversation. Going forward, Cooper was all praises for Stone’s film. The actor said:

“I love you so dearly as a friend, but to see you soar as an artist in this film, it was really moving. Just your effortless abandon. I think I said this to you: There’s absolutely no one else who could have done that — like, ever.”

Cooper’s praise for the film were received by Stone with gratitude, as both actors praised the other’s work, acknowledging their close friendship. `


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The Oscar buzz for Maestro and Poor Things is potent

The Academy Awards

While the Oscars buzz for Stone starter Poor Things, and Maestro, starring Cooper is palpable, the competition that they face this year is stiff and rife with commercial successes like Barbie and Oppenheimer. Also coming back to the film scene this year is Scorsese, with his Killers of the Flower Moon and Hayao Miyazaki with his The Boy and the Heron. Surprise contenders this year could also be Godzilla Minus One, stomping through Tinsletown with no mercy.

While the contenders for this year are stacked, this might be a good sign for Hollywood. As productions focus on quality, especially in the wake of the artists and writers’ strike, this might put Hollywood back on track, producing films that are not just a commercial success but also have genuine artistic value. This would not only help the industry grow but also bring back the audience lost to streaming and video games during the pandemic.




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