“You really want to call Kratos a clown?”: Even Call Of Duty Fans Are Ashamed At Captain Price Star Barry Sloane’s Pathetic Attempt At Trolling Christopher Judge

Christopher Judge's comment on MW3 campaign got responded by Sloane, but fans also had a response for his dig at the ready.

"You really want to call Kratos a clown?": Even Call Of Duty Fans Are Ashamed At Captain Price Star Barry Sloane's Pathetic Attempt At Trolling Christopher Judge


  • God of War star Christopher Judge joked about how Modern Warfare 3's Campaign was shorter than his 2022 speech at The Game Awards.
  • In return, Call of Duty star Barry Sloane decided to troll Judge for his speech being original or not.
  • Fans of the COD franchise as well as others roasted the star for his comment.
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Call of Duty has been the premier outlet for people from the world of gaming to witness the greatness of a first-person shooter at its serene and adrenaline-pumping glory. But this year, it seems that the franchise has missed the mark with Modern Warfare 3, more specifically, with the main campaign version of the game.

A still from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
A still from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Thus, disappointed with the game more specifically the reason for the Campaign story’s length, the entire community seems to be throwing shade at the game, and in that list, is the God of War actor Christopher Judge himself, who took a cheeky dig at the game’s campaign length at The Game Awards 2023. And now, when COD actor Barry Sloane tried to troll the star for his comment, he was counter-trolled by fans.

Christopher Judge Took A Dig At Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Campaign Length

Christopher Judge at The Game Awards
Christopher Judge at The Game Awards 2023 

While other games may be known for their over-the-top narrations and storytelling prowess, the Call of Duty franchise prides itself on the constant adrenaline-pumping action through its first-person shooter style of gameplay, which often shines in the Battle Royale or Multiplayer modes. But the franchise also doesn’t lag in terms of its story-driven campaign mode, that was, until their latest offering.


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What bummed the fans of the franchise was the total length of the latest campaign, which was just over five hours long, something that was way too short for an entirely new game that was also expensive. But along with that, the quality of the content was something that the fandom also didn’t like, which was a big bust for them.

Thus, to make a harmless joke at the franchise’s blunder, Christopher Judge, the voice and motion capture of Kratos from the God of War series, decided to take a dig at them. During his presentation for the award for Best Performance in the 2023 The Game Awards, he said that his speech a year prior was longer than the latest campaign length of Modern Warfare 3.


Thus, to get back at Judge’s comment, Barry Sloane, the actor who plays the role of Captain Price in the reboot series, tried trolling him on social media but faced retaliation from fans.

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Barry Sloane Gets Roasted By Fans For His Troll Of Christopher Judge

Barry Sloane
Barry Sloane

With Judge’s comment made at The Game Game Awards last year, Barry Sloane decided to take his chance at a slight joke at his speech length and originality.


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But instead of a few gags, the star was met with disappointed fans who supported Judge’s comment about the recent addition to the Campaign section.



Thus, this might give both the actor and Activision an idea of what to do right with the upcoming game in the series in the future.


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