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‘You recast Edward Norton’s Hulk, you can recast Kang’: Fans Reveal MCU’s Long History With Sudden Recasts Proves Jonathan Majors is Replaceable

'You recast Edward Norton's Hulk, you can recast Kang': Fans Reveal MCU's Long History With Sudden Recasts Proves Jonathan Majors is Replaceable

Jonathan Majors was arrested on March 25, 2023, on charges of assault and harassment in New York City. The emerging star – considered one of the industry’s brightest –  was overnight exposed to the brutality of the socio-political atmosphere that witnessed him being dropped by his agency and from several upcoming productions. Marvel Studios, the biggest franchise studio that still holds on to its contract with the actor, has also been exposed to the urgency of addressing the situation that is definitively a make-or-break scenario for the MCU in the long run.

As fans demand a recast, a separate faction grieves their devotion to such a perfect casting for Kang the Conqueror and as such, seems not too affected in separating the art from the artist.

Jonathan Majors
Jonathan Majors

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Can MCU Survive the Recast of Jonathan Majors as Kang?

Disney’s long and tenuous history with Marvel has been defined by the rocky beginning of its partnership in 2009. That beginning was marked by two major recasts: Edward Norton and Terrence Howard. Two of the biggest names in the industry at the time, Norton and Howard were not only highly coveted but their involvement meant an irrevocable gold star for the fledgling MCU, and its host, Marvel Studios that was aiming to rise above its perpetual state of bankruptcy and ruin.

Edward Norton in The Incredible Hulk (2008)
Edward Norton in The Incredible Hulk (2008)

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But as time would go on to prove, not only did the Marvel Cinematic Universe rise above and beyond the blow (and at such an early stage too) but also managed to forge an incredibly well-tempered partnership and tenured career with Mark Ruffalo and Don Cheadle – two of the oldest mainstays of the MCU. It doesn’t come as a surprise then, especially considering how Jonathan Majors has only been involved in two Marvel productions, that his arc in the MCU as Kang should be up for being recast without risking any major complication for the studio in the future.

Marvel Fans Respond To Kang Recast in Extreme Ways

The fandom has been exposed to extreme Marvel jargon over the past couple of years. The Phase Four era has been constantly populated with an incessant outpouring of content that simultaneously failed to impress the fandom as well as yank them into asymptomatic fatigue and exhaustion at the overload of new projects. One of the limited few projects that did however manage to surpass expectations was Loki and its introduction of the next big bad was an interesting way to launch the Multiverse Saga.

Jonathan Majors at the Quantumania red carpet event
Jonathan Majors at the Quantumania red carpet event

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Now, almost two years later, Jonathan Majors’ arrest has spun the fandom into a new knot of worry. On one hand, this would mean a complete revision of his character as Kang the Conqueror in the MCU, extensive reshoots for Loki Season 2, and an uncomfortable adjustment period for the fans to get accustomed to a new face for the villain they had already grown attached to. On the other hand, a recast would mean Marvel standing in solidarity with subjects of domestic abuse and violence, being aware of the socio-political atmosphere, and respecting the large demography of its fans by demonstrating impartiality when it comes to such highly damaging allegations.

Either way, it will amount to Marvel admitting to an oversight when it comes to its casting process and that is not a good look for the studio, especially after the hate it has faced for the Phase Four blunder. But while Marvel execs remain preoccupied with making a decision, the fans have already compiled a list of how MCU has managed to get away scot-free with multiple recasts over its 15-year-long tenure, when it suited the studio, without it being a very big deal for the franchise.

Jonathan Majors is yet to publicly address the situation or the status of his stay at Marvel. As far as his career in Hollywood is concerned, it will be quite some time until he is hired for a major production, and not without its fair share of outcries and backlash. For now, the actor has already finished shooting for Loki Season 2 which premieres in mid-2023 as the controversy surrounding his arc as Kang the Conqueror keeps building alongside the fandom’s restlessness to witness an acceptable response from the studio.

In the meantime, Marvel busies itself with putting out fires everywhere as it steps from the scorching wrath of Phase Four into the blazing flames of the Jonathan Major controversy.

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