You Season 3: 11 Brilliant Easter Eggs That Hinted At The Dramatic Season Finale

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The third season of the very famous American Psychological thriller TV series You was released on Netflix, and since then everyone in the audience is loving the show. But after watching the abrupt ending, we can figure out one thing very easily that it was as weird as the series was! Here are some Easter Eggs that clearly indicate the dramatic season finale of You Season 3. Also, you will definitely get some major You Season 3 spoilers ahead!!!


1. In reality, Love only touches the knife that poisons Joe while wearing an oven mitt, which gives us a hint that something is not quite right.

2. Love prepares a roasted chicken for Joe in the finale. It is also the first meal Love cooks for Joe.


3. A subtle link between Joe’s mother and his love interest is shown twice in the show. At first, a clothing similarity between Beck and Joe’s mom was seen in Season 1. Then in the finale, the shirt Love was wearing resembles the shirt Joe’s mother is seen wearing in the season finale.

4. When Love was about to slit his throat, Joe was clever enough to poison Love via Aconite, which is also known as the Wolf’s Bane.

5. In Season 2, Episode 1 it was very evident that Love killed her husband. The way she was talking about her husband’s death was a clear indication of that. Even when she told Joe, “Ever since it happened, I’ve been able to see this thing in people who’ve been through it. I see that every time I look into your eyes. You’ve felt it: real love, real loss.”


6. Matthew discovered about Theo that he was at St. Benedict’s hospital while Joe was fake-paralyzed. There is a story about monks trying to kill Saint Benedict by poisoning his wine. But he was still able to bless the wine before drinking it.

7. If you’ve noticed, in the very first line in the final episode there is a quote mentioned from a short story called “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson – a suburban story that was themed around a scapegoat.

8. Matthew was shown on a mock magazine cover while Joe was speaking what was written on the magazine, “Matthew Engler has you in the palm of his hands.” Later he slaps Joe and he gets choked too.


9. Joe’s key was hidden within the structure of the cage, which Cary was unable to find. Therefore, it’s Love’s key that helped Sherry and Cary. 

10. Marienne’s last name was Bellamy. It is possible if we’ll say, that this is a reference to the book ‘Bel Ami’ by Guy De Maupassant. The book was about a man who shifts to Paris and then manipulates and seduces women to social climb.

11. Lastly, in You season 3, Joe is at a café in Paris called “Le Chasseur Solitaire”, which simply translates – “The lone hunter.”



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