“You’ll see more of him”: The Rock Promises More Doctor Fate in the DCEU After Black Adam, Teases Potential Spin-off Movie With Pierce Brosnan

The Rock Promises More Doctor Fate in the DCEU
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Following the mixed reception of Black Adam that the people had, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson revealed plans for a unique character played by Pierce Brosnan close to the actor’s heart. Seemingly replying to a fan who praised the Dwayne Johnson starrer movie, Black Adam, The Rock promised that a particular character would be seen more of in the upcoming projects in the DCEU.

Dr. Fate in DC's Black Adam (2022).
Dr. Fate in DC’s Black Adam (2022).

Dwayne Johnson Promises the Return of Dr. Fate in the DCEU

Black Adam managed to perform underwhelmingly against the hard work and the sweat that the Baywatch actor had put into it. With the history of DC movies competing against critics’ poor scores and audiences showering with love, Black Adam stands at a 42% critic score and a whopping 89% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Black Adam.
Black Adam.

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Amidst the ensuing battle between critics and audiences, one thing that both parties agree upon is the character of Dr. Fate. Pierce Brosnan (known for portraying the role of James Bond) donned the magical helmet made by Nabu and became Dr. Fate. Dwayne “TheRock” Johnson, replied to a fan tweet that he too loved the character of Dr. Fate and promises that the audience will see more of him in the upcoming DCEU projects.

The fans praised Dwayne Johnson for showcasing and giving importance to the character of Dr. Fate as he is one of the founding members of the Justice Society of America (JSA) something that The Rock has been showing interest in pretty late. The audience also liked Dr. Fate and praised Pierce Brosnan for the performance. This, however, sparked rumors about whether Pierce Brosnan is joining the DCEU for future projects.


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Pierce Brosnan To Continue as Dr. Fate in the DCEU?

Pierce Brosnan voiced Dr. Fate in Black Adam (2022).
Pierce Brosnan voiced Dr. Fate in Black Adam (2022).

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Although the actor has been known for playing the role of the MI-6 agent James Bond for many years, Pierce Brosnan recently found the spotlight once again due to Black Adam. With Dwayne Johnson promising more of Dr. Fate in the DCEU, it could very well be possible that Pierce Brosnan will continue to voice Dr. Fate in the DCEU.


Considering the importance of the role of Dr. Fate in the “new era of DC Universe”, the actors will have surely prepared some plan for a continued portrayal. Dwayne Johnson was seen talking about the Justice Society of America (JSA) in recent interviews of which Dr. Fate is a founding father. The character may be even getting his own solo movie Marvel style or they just go along from the point of Black Adam.

Black Adam is currently running in theaters for people to watch across the world.

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