Young Justice: 10 Most Likable Characters, Ranked

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Young Justice initially started with only five members but later grew to more than twenty members. It was initially an opportunity for partners to develop independence in their team. In the first three seasons of the show, when the Justice League or outsiders became too important many members graduated to the Justice League when they converted too vital to be concealed. When you look at the vast list that the team has over the years, it isn’t easy to decide which hero is the strongest. However, in “Young Justice League,” several characters stand a class apart.


1. Miss Martian

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Only one member can be the best, and most fans agree that Miss Martian deserves this title. Her telepathy is a valuable asset for coordinating allies, but she also has a lethal single-shot weapon against any target, without the psychological resistance to stop her.


2. Blue Beetle

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Scarab is an alien technology that powers the Blue Beetle, unlike anything else in the DC universe. Jaime Reyes put on the coat of the previous Blue Beetle Ted Kord and became an eye-catching hero.

3. Beast Boy



In the show, Garfield goes from a young, defenseless child to the capable leader of the Outsiders. The Beast Boy gains the entire creature’s attributes, including speed, flight, and other powers, by transforming into an animal.

4. Wonder Girl

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Wonder Girl was born as human and Zeus is related to her. Her skills include invulnerability and super strength amongst many other powers. In addition, Wonder Girl has her lasso and bracelet, which can repel almost any attack.

5. Zatanna

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Due to her mysterious and powerful magical abilities, it is easy to include Zatanna on this list. The power she showed at the Young Justice conference was impressive and remarkable. In addition, she has the strength of the Egyptian goddess Isis. 


6. Superboy

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Although he does not have all the abilities of Superman, Superboy is just a force that cannot be ignored. Superboy’s powers include his heat vision, flying skills, super hearing, and invulnerability makes him a powerhouse.

7. Wally West

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There are two sorts of Kid Flash in Young Justice, but the original version Wally West is still at the top. As he sacrifices himself to save the Earth at the end of season 2, he provides a fitting and sad conclusion to his character arc.

8. Artemis

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Since she is the daughter of the villain Sportsmaster, it is not difficult to see how Artemis will eventually cultivate a taste for adventure. The team trusts Artemis because of her background as a natural leader.


9. Bumblebee

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As a character with impressive technology, Bumblebee wears a suit that allows her to shrink based on her commands. In addition to her shrinking skills, the suit’s technology enables the Young Justice hero to fly and launch explosions from her wrist. 

10. Aqualad

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Aqualad’s Atlantean physiology gave him countless superhuman advantages such as strength, durability, and the ability to breathe underwater. Also Aqualad has unique qualities like leadership and a strategic mondset.

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