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‘Young Superman but old Batman?’: James Gunn Reportedly Making Superman 25 Years Old While DCU’s New Batman Being in His 30’s Has Fans Screaming at the World’s Finest Age Gap

'Young Superman but old Batman?': James Gunn Reportedly Making Superman 25 Years Old While DCU's New Batman Being in His 30's Has Fans Screaming at the World's Finest Age Gap

James Gunn, the co-CEO of DCU has recently announced the most awaited DC projects’ slot for the coming years, which has created a buzz around the internet way before its release. Gunn made several shocking decisions, soon grabbing his chair of co-CEO, including the exit of Henry Cavill as Superman. It was tough to say which other characters will get a replacement. Gunn made it very clear that the exit of Cavill does not mean the end of fan-favorite Superman’s story and shared his vision for the upcoming Superman project, titled Superman: Legacy.

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James Gunn's Superman: Legacy
James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy

James Gunn’s Vision For Superman

In the recently released list, Gunn included 10 projects, including 5 movies and 5 TV shows. The new Superman movie is the only project with a release date attached to it. Superman: Legacy will be released on July 11, 2025, but sadly fans will not see the Man of Steel star reprising his famous superhero role. Cavill was last seen as Superman in the 2022 movie Black Adam, giving fans false hope. 

James Gunn tried to justify the exit of Henry Cavill stating that the new Superman movie will be focusing on earlier phases of the life of Clark Kent but will not be the origin story of Superman. Given the fact that Gunn’s story will be focusing on young Superman, it can be stated that the story demands a young face to depict Gunn’s story well. But this new decision looks like missing something crucial about which fans have raised their concerns. The very fact that Gunn is inviting a young face for Superman while letting other heroes, primarily Batman stay older, is posing a huge age gap problem to the audiences. 

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Fans mark the age gap between Superman and Batman in James Gunn's DCEU
The age gap between Superman and Batman

The Age Gap Between Superman And Batman

There have been several speculations and fan-casting yet no new face for Superman has officially been confirmed by the studios, it is expected that the new Superman movie will portray the 25-year-old Clark Kent. Given the fact that Gunn has announced a movie Batman featuring Damian Wayne, it is safe to assume that Batman will be around 30 years old, giving a decent age gap between the superheroes who are always seen as competitive DC superheroes.

Fans have marked the very age gap stating that it has the potential to ruin the entire storyline and it will eventually be difficult for both heroes to have a crossover. The fans are disappointed on noticing an evident loophole in Gunn’s well-planned DC vision.

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James Gunn's slot is full of flaws
James Gunn’s slot is full of flaws

It looks like despite incorporating the new co-CEOs’ changes the DCU is no good and still provides no competition to their Marvel counterpart who looks pretty sorted with their chronological storyline. The future of DC on other hand still looks dubious with fans pinpointing several flaws in Gunn’s upcoming projects slate.

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