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“You’re definitely running for President”: The Rock Sends ‘Light, strength and mana’ After the Queen’s Passing, Fans Convinced He’s Making Powerful Connections

The Rock on the demise of Queen Elizabeth II

The death of Queen Elizabeth II didn’t merely affect the island nation of Great Britain but across the Atlantic as well. American actor, The Rock’s early morning message reached millions with his heartfelt solidarity and sympathies for the royalty. With the Queen’s passing, people from all over England are sending in their messages and tributes before the big ceremony. Even The Crown, the Netflix series inspired by the life of the British monarchy, puts a halt to the production of Season 6 for a limited period out of respect.

The passing of Queen Elizabeth II saddens the nation
The passing of Queen Elizabeth II saddens the nation

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British Monarch’s Life Inspires Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

The Rock is an ever-loving personality with his empathetic words and constant support for causes and actions that he believes in. The passing of Queen Elizabeth II now seems like one of those occasions that has moved him so much that he sent out a 2-minute long video tweet to the world. The primary reason for the encroaching sadness seems to be the pain of a loved one’s passing that he sympathized with, having lost his own father, Rocky Johnson in 2020.

The Rock
The Rock

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In the tweet, the Rock mentions not finding the time to say goodbye and regretting that. Although he never had the chance of meeting the monarch, the passing of the Queen impacted him to gain a new perspective on living a full life and he, in all earnestness, shared that view with the world, and of course, Twitter followed up with a barrage of some snappy one-liners.

“I’m swooping in really quickly to stop in and send my love, my condolences, my light, strength, and mana to the royal family during this time, in the spirit of the passing of the Queen. I’m so sorry, I know the pain, like we all know the pain. And what a life, what an incredible life!…

The way I look at death these days is that it informs us on how we should live moving forward, because in their spirit, we have an opportunity to live, and live life greatly with passion and fervor and positive energy and with all we got. With all we got. Sending a lot of love. Stay strong. Now let’s live as greatly as we can.”

The Mourning of the Passing of Queen Elizabeth II

For what seems to be the longest time, there is no ubiquitous presence of the British monarch’s ever-smiling face amid a hustling ceremony at Buckingham Palace. The longest-ruling monarch of Great Britain passed away on 8th September 2022, at the age of 96 in her summer estate at Balmoral. Having ascended the throne in 1952, she leaves the country and the Commonwealth instilled with her 70-year reign marked by social change.

Queen Elizabeth II Portrait
Queen Elizabeth II poses for a portrait at home in Buckingham Palace in December 1958

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As nations across the world send in their condolences and tribute, the country itself holds a 10-day mourning period. King Charles III, the late Queen’s son, will address the nation on Friday upon returning to the Palace with his wife, Camilla, the Queen Consort. During the ushering in of a new era after the second Elizabethan age, the newly appointed Prime Minister, Liz Truss offered him the nation’s “loyalty and devotion” ending with the words, “God save the King.” Prince William now stands as heir to the throne.

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