“You’re more human than he is”: One Piece Fans Will Wish For Zoro vs Mihawk Rematch Even More After Watching Zoro Troll His Biggest Rival

One Piece anime shows what Zoro vs. Mihawk rematch will look like.

Zoro vs Mihawk


  • Zoro has always been driven by one goal in mind: to become the world's strongest swordsman.
  • In order to accomplish this, he must battle Dracule Mihawk, the current strongest swordsman.
  • While Zoro and the One Piece fans waited, Eiichiro Oda and Toei decided to tease what Zoro and Mihawk's rematch would be like.
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One Piece fans are waiting for a couple of battles that will change the entire course of the story. These battles will likely take place during the final arc, and when they do, they will be some of the biggest fights in the history of anime. Among these fights, the one that fans are waiting for the most is the Zoro vs. Mihawk rematch.

Roronoa Zoro's Coldest Moment
Roronoa Zoro | Toei Animation

Since the beginning, Zoro has been motivated by a single ambition, which is to become the strongest swordsman in the world. For this, he has to defeat the current strongest swordsman, Dracule Mihawk. The two have fought once during the Baratie arc, and Zoro was easily defeated by Mihawk.

Ever since then, he has been training vigorously and waiting for a rematch that will once again give him a chance to finally achieve the title. While Zoro and the One Piece fans waited, Eiichiro Oda and Toei decided to show a glimpse of what Zoro and Mihawk’s rematch would look like by making him fight the Seraphim S-Hawk.


One Piece Anime Shows a Glimpse of the Zoro vs. Mihawk Rematch

The events of the Egghead Island arc have taken a turn since the Seraphims entered the storyline. They were ordered by Lucci and Kaku to destroy Dr. Vegapunk’s laboratory. However, Vegapunk’s satellites tried to override the command given by the CP0 agents, but before they could do that, S-Hawk attacked them using his sword.

Before the attack could hit Lilith and Edison (Vegapunk’s satellites, Zoro reached the spot and stopped the strike. He then engaged in a battle with S-Hawk to test whether he was as powerful as Mihawk or just a simple clone. As Zoro fought the Seraphim, he realized that Mihawk was a bigger monster compared to S-Hawk and indirectly trolled his biggest rival.

Zoro vs S-Hawk in One Piece | Toei Animation
Zoro vs S-Hawk in One Piece | Toei Animation

He easily handled the fight and gave satellites the time to impose a new command on the Seraphims. While the fight was short, it offered a glimpse of what the final rematch between Zoro and Mihawk would look like. Zoro has come a long way, and this time he might actually win and take away the title of the strongest swordman in the One Piece world.


One Piece Fans Are Once Again Impressed With Zoro

The swordsman of the Straw Hat Pirates is known for his tough guy attitude, and he has proven multiple times that he is not someone to be meddled with. But his fight with S-Hawk took him to the next level, as he was able to single-handedly tackle the Seraphim that stopped the Blackbeard Pirates.

Zoro vs Mihawk
Zoro vs Mihawk in One Piece | Toei Animation

This in itself is a big feat, and it was recently celebrated by the official English page of the One Piece anime on X(Formerly Twitter).

As they shared one of the coolest Zoro moments on the social media platform, One Piece and Zoro fans came together to praise the swordsman for his new achievement.



As the final saga has already started in One Piece, Zoro’s rematch with Mihawk might not be far away and fans might soon get to see if the swordsman of the Straw Hat Pirates is ready to take on the current strongest swordsman of the world and defeat him to fulfill the promise he made to his childhood friend Kuina.


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