YouTuber Mixes Ahsoka’s Mandalorian Fight Scene With 70’s Song “Barracuda”, Goes Viral!!

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It was a day none of us could forget. That was the day The Mandalorian went from just another ‘good’ Star Wars show to an absolute cult-classic. The day when a legendary Star wars character from the animated universe of the Galaxy Far, Far Away made her way towards her live action debut. We never would have thought Disney would actually go ahead with this plan. When Rosario Dawson surfaced as the fan-favorite character Ahsoka Tano, slicing and dicing enemy soldiers with her white lightsabers, it was a day history was made.


Dawson inched her way into our hearts with that legendary fight sequence. Through the fog and the woods, she made her way to the front door of Morgan Elsbeth. Who could ever forget that action sequence!! It was unlike anything we had ever seen. Up until then The Mandalorian was all about blaster pistols and flame throwers. We never expected a Jedi lightsaber fight in the show. Ahsoka Tano did all that and more.


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It was an epic fight sequence that could not have been executed more perfectly. or is it?


This YouTuber shows us how the power of the seventies would have made the action sequence even more enlightening and grander. We are talking about the Seventies Rock Music Legend Heart and their hit song Barracuda. Trust us when we say this, we could not have done it better than YouTuber Bugzkilla. This video is brought to us via the courtesy of Boing Boing.

Here goes nothing:

Ahsoka Fight Scene Synced to Barracuda (Music Edit)


The fan edit overlays the cult classic song over the lightsaber rich action sequence featuring Ahsoka Tano in her first ever appearance in The Mandalorian season 2. The song is fitting and only ends up adding more of a tinge of vintage to the entire scene.

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Wait till you hear the best part. We believe the fan edit went with Barracuda for a specific reason. The song was released in the May of 1977. That was also the same year the Star Wars saga began with Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. The year of release for the song as well as Star Wars coincides. Coincidence? We think not!!


It is not the first fan edit to you use the hit song Barracuda in its videos. There have been plenty of those floating around all over the internet. There are also movies and shows that have used the song in their sequences. Captain Marvel of the Marvel Cinematic Universe cunningly used the song in the movie without anybody noticing. Sofia Coppola, daughter of Francis Ford Coppola (The Director of The Godfather series), also used the song in her debut movie The Virgin Suicides, released way back in 1999.


Right now Heart is known more for its eighties power songs and of course their signature long hair. But there was a time before that when Heart released a song that would one day become such an instant hit that it would still be used in movies and shows even after almost half a century later. If you remember Dreamboat Annie, Dog And Butterfly, and Magazine, you will know what we mean. Women like Nancy and Ann Wilson who become the face of a rock band are such a rarity these days. Songs these days make us turn our heart away.

Reportedly a part two of the mashup is about to hit the internet pretty soon. Stay tuned!!

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