“We’re Both Gods of Thunders”- Zachary Levi Teases a Marvel-DC Crossover as He Calls Out Chris Hemsworth’s Thor to a Battle

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Zachary Levi teases a major Marvel-DC Crossover at the San Diego Comic-Con 2022 as he expresses his thoughts on battling the one and only Thor of MCU played by Chris Hemsworth. As everyone was hyped up regarding the rumors of Henry Cavill and Superman’s surprise appearance at the SDCC 22, he was nowhere to be seen at the event. But setting that aside, the Shazam actor drops another exciting detail: he wants to fight MCU’s Thor.

Shazam Zachary Levi
Shazam – Zachary Levi

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Zachary Levi wants Shazam VS Thor:

Zachary Levi on Shazam vs Thor
Zachary Levi also played the role of Fandral in the Thor movies

We go to watch a new trailer for the sequel of the 2019 DC hit Shazam! titled Shazam! Fury of the Gods and the trailer received much attention from everyone and created quite a positive buzz on the internet among DC fans as everybody loved the first movie and is also excited for the sequel.

The SDCC 22 turned more interesting for DC when during an interview, Zachary Levi expressed his wish of fighting the Marvel Norse God of Thunder when he was asked about which hero Shazam would like to fight. As everybody including the interviewer expected him to name someone from his own superhero universe, but the actor took a different take and expressed his wish of fighting Thor:


“If I could fight somebody like cross into like Marvel or something like that, I would go fight Thor. I think that’d be fun because we’re both like Gods of Thunder you know Gods of lightning you know what I mean and Chris Hemsworth would be kind of fun”

So this interview of the Shazam! actor teased a wave of excitement among both the fandoms as there would be hardly any fan who didn’t dream of a DC-Marvel Crossover on the big screens someday. It is also a notable fact that Zachary Levi played Fandral of the Warriors Three in the MCU movies of Thor who was one of the closest allies of the Asgardian God.

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So What’s with Superman vs Shazam?

Zachary Levi Shazam
Fans demand a Shazam vs Superman fight in the future

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Even though Zachary Levi wants his character to battle Thor, the rumors put quite an effect on all the SDCC goers and nobody stopped asking the actors about Superman’s return. In a similar fashion only, during the DC panel while the Shazam 2 actors were sitting to answer the questions, it was asked if Superman and Shazam will go for a showdown or not to which he cleverly answered:


“I can neither confirm nor deny allegations such as these, these are not questions you’re allowed to ask me on this stage right now. But no.” He jokingly stared and winked back at the fan.

So still once again we are in the dark about any possible return of Henry Cavill’s superhero character on the big screen but we can catch the Red-suited Billy Batson and his family in action in the upcoming Shazam! Fury of the Gods.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods will come to the theaters on December 21, 2022


Source: SDCC 22

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