‘Zack Snyder deserves a 2nd chance like Henry Cavill’: ‘Bring Back Zack Snyder’ Campaign Trends Heavily as Fans Urge For Justice League 2 Following Cavill’s DCEU Return

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Ever since Henry Cavill took the DC Extended Universe by storm with an epic comeback in Black Adam, fans have been unable to keep their calm. Seeing him return as Superman not only excited the fans about the countless possibilities for DC’s cinematic future, but it also forced them on a trip down memory lane. Well, the memory lane might have ignited a few questions in fans’ minds, most importantly, a question that involves their beloved director, Zack Snyder.

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Zack Snyder

After Superman’s return, fans now demand that Zack Snyder be given a second chance to showcase his creativity in the universe. A Justice League 2, directed by Zack Snyder, is all that fans seem to want next. Who knows? Since the new era of DC is all about listening to the fans, this demand might not be a long shot, after all.

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Will Zack Snyder Restore the Snyderverse?

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Zack Snyder’s Justice League

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Well, with the ever-expanding DCEU and the almost unbelievable cameos and characters finding their way into the universe, it would be pointless to say something is not possible. As Black Adam singlehandedly introduced new characters into DC and managed to pull off Superman’s cameo, the possibilities of anything and everything is on the table.

When it comes to DC, many fans believe that Zack Snyder is the essence of the universe with his incredible skills, especially after the release of Justice League: Snyder Cut.  Therefore, it is only natural for fans to want Snyder to return to the DCEU, with many stating that he deserves a chance at a comeback and that he is the key to saving the DCEU.



Although the superhero universe was initially moving away from Snyderverse, Black Adam completely changed the scenario. This is because, Superman, who is seen in the movie’s post-credits scene, was the original focus of the Snyderverse. With a Man of Steel sequel back into the conversation, it is quite possible that Zack Snyder will be taking the reins back into his own hands. However, nothing can be said with certainty as of now.


Walter Hamada Exits DC Universe

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Walter Hamada

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Reportedly, Walter Hamada, the ex-president of DC Films, stepped down from his position on October 19, 2022. It is also claimed that he has not been a part of most of the creative meetings for quite a while now. His departure opens up the possibility of Zack Snyder heading the table.

However, the Army of the Dead director is currently consumed with working with Netflix, coming up with projects one after the other. It is possible that Snyder might be a little too caught up to come back to his DC past. This means that the possibility of a Snyderverse reprisal is low. After all, you need Zack Snyder in order to have a Snyderverse.


Restoring the Snyderverse is not entirely out of the question, though. DC continues to surprise its fans, including giving them a Snyder’s Justice League, bringing back Ben Affleck, and now reprising Henry Cavill as Superman. In short, nothing is really impossible for the DC team. It might take a while before the comeback of Snyderverse actually becomes a reality, but fans shouldn’t lose hope.

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