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“That show shouldn’t exist”: Zack Snyder Reveals He’s a Huge Fan of Zendaya, Claims Spider-Man Actress’ Euphoria Can Never Be Made Into a Movie

“That show shouldn’t exist”: Zack Snyder Reveals He’s a Huge Fan of Zendaya, Claims Spider-Man Actress’ Euphoria Can Never Be Made Into a Movie

Filmmaker Zack Snyder shared his two cents on the golden age of modern television and raved about HBO’s Euphoria and Netflix’s Squid Game. Known for his DCEU movies, Snyder discussed how television series are far more risk-taking than films nowadays.

Zack Snyder DCEU
Zack Snyder

After leaving the superhero movie genre, the famed director is now exploring other creative concepts, as seen in his most recent works, Army of the Dead and the upcoming Rebel Moon. In his latest interview, Snyder admitted his obsession with Euphoria and why it will never be made into a theatrical movie.

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Zack Snyder Talks About The Golden Age Of Modern Television

Appearing in the Pizza Film School series by directors Joe and Anthony Russo, Zack Snyder shared his sentiments on modern television:

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I think we’re in a real golden age of TV in the sense that TV shows are much better at showing you something that you’ve never seen before or catching you off balance or making a turn that you didn’t see coming… They’re way riskier.”

HBO Euphoria Zack Snyder
HBO’s Euphoria

He primarily noted HBO’s Euphoria as an example, claiming it should not exist:

‘Euphoria,’ for instance, I was just watching the show is just unbelievable. That show shouldn’t exist; it’s so good. And that’s the kind of thing I watch that show and go, ‘This movie would never get made; this movie can’t exist.’

The director also highlighted Netflix’s Squid Game, one of the most-watched series of all time:

You could imagine ‘Squid Game’ coming here as a movie would be an arthouse [thing], maybe. ‘Euphoria’ and ‘Squid Game’ take you to places where you have no idea where you are going or what’s happening, and I think that’s what people want.”

The Russo brothers unanimously agreed with Snyder, pointing out the pressure that is often put on making movies would take out the risk in creating a film like Euphoria. They also noted how television, in a way, disrupts the standard format usually found in movies.


Viewers get ten hours of content, they feel attached to characters, and people assign more of their time to watch the entire series. When their favorite character dies, it hurts more because of the time invested.

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How Television Evolved And Shaped Modern Viewing Habits

Squid Game Netflix
Netflix’s Squid Game

Over the years, there have been several golden ages of television. These were the turning points in those eras where certain shows introduce a new perspective or a different level of entertainment.


Take for example, The Sopranos and The X-Files were some of the most celebrated shows in the 90s. Come the mid-2010s and the mantle was taken up by Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.

People’s viewing habits have drastically changed as they consume more content daily that not only suits their preferences but also fits their lifestyles. Many modern television shows are shaped with their viewers’ attitudes in mind, which means that the more the audiences want stronger, bolder content, the more the TV industry would push for that kind of design.

Movie production studios usually won’t give the go signal for projects they believe are too risky for reasons of profitability and limited audience reach. As a result, some of these projects find television as the perfect medium to channel creative freedom without sacrificing quality.


Source: Pizza Film School

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