Zemo Series: 10 Perfect Ideas For a Potential MCU Show


Baron Zemo has become the most fan favorite character in MCus’ The Falcon And the Winter Soldier. Should a Zemo series happens in the MCU, how would the story play out?

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Here are our ideas for a possible Zemo series.

A Prequel Series – Zemo Hunting Hydra Operatives

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Baron Zemo, before he made his way to the MCU in Captain America: Civil War, was hard at work eliminating Hydra. The rogue Hydra terrorist and sleeper cells were dealt with in full force by Zemo. In his quest to discover the secrets to controlling the Winter Soldier, Zemo must have had to dig many holes. The prequel could focus on Zemo’s adventures as he went on a Hydra extermination rampage to get to Karpov, the person who held the file containing the code words to control the Winter Soldier. Zemo has been somewhat nerfed down in Falcon And The Winter Soldier. But in the prequel, he would be a totally unadulterated, a raw and absolute beast who would stop at nothing to reach his goals.

Zemo’s Escapes The Raft

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When Zemo was handed over to the Dora Milaje, Ayo claims he will be sent to the Raft. Zemo is not a perosn who would remain in such a small confine for so long. Since he has such a huge fan following, Marvel would one day make him make a break for it. A Zemo solo series focusing on how he escapes the most impenetrable and high security prison in the world would make for a good story arc. The entire series would be a prison break story arc. And it would play to Zemo’s strengths – his charm, charisma, and cunning would come ral handy.

Team Up With The Dora Milaje Against a Potential Threat To Wakanda

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Baron Zemo might be a prisoner for now. But like we said, his value as an asset is too hard to ignore. the man single-handedly destroyed the Avengers, something not even an Alien Armada led by a literal God could. His skills in strategy, tactics and psychological warfare would come in very handy for the Dora Milaje. The nation of Wakanda has been explored in Black Panther but it has a rich history to difficult to be detailed in a single movie. Wakanda has many enemies in the comic books like the rebellious Tetu, Zenzi – the leader of the enemy nation of Niganda, and Reverend Achebe – who sold his soul to Mephisto. Any of these enemies would require the Dora Milaje to join forces with Zemo.

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Enter The Thunderbolts

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The greatest contribution of Baron Zemo in the comic books is his leadership of Masters of evil and their eventual metamorphosis into the Thunderbolts. Zemo led the Thunderbolts as citizen V. The idea behind forming the team was to fool the public into gaining their trust. They masqueraded as a team of superheroes in the absence of the Avengers. But soon, the villains started enjoying helping the people around him and rebelled against Zemo. the Thunderbolts are now Marvel’s version of the Suicide Squad. Many villains that still exist within the MCU like the Abomination, Batroc, and the Vulture could be part of this team.


Zemo And U.S Agent (On The Same Lines As Falcon & The Winter Soldier)

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It would surely be a very weird and bizarre team-up. John walker, for all his flaws, still stands for what he believes to be right. Sure he is a man of violence. he punches first and thinks later. But he still works for the American Dream. Baron Zemo on the other hand is a wanted fugitive who has committed criminal acts in all across the globe. He is the very definition of a rebel who would never conform to rules and regulations. While Walker is pretty much by the book, Zemo plays outside the box. Tell us that their combo is not a match made in Heaven!! We would pay to watch this show.


His Adventures In Madripoor

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When Zemo, Sam, and Bucky travel to Madripoor, Zemo reveals he already has had dealings with the people in charge there. Despite its relative obscurity, Madripoor is a very interesting nation. It is a haven for criminals. And therefore it has some pretty heavy hitters from the underworld residing there. We have no idea how Zemo made a name for himself in Madripoor. Given his infamy, he must have surely created a ruckus. A Zemo series focusing on his previous and/or future adventures in the island nation of Madripoor would be a good way for fleshing out a potential story arc.


His Journey To Becoming A Complete Super Villain

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Up until now, Zemo has been shown to be a very relatable and sympathetic super villain. The MCu has done all it can to humanize the guy. In the comics, Baron Helmut Zemo is one of the most psychotic and unpredictable bad guys to ever grace the comic books. His heinous acts include killing Ian Rogers, the new Nomad, by slashing his throat and sending the picture to Sam Wilson – the New Captain America. He even once became the leader of Hydra, almost destroying the world in the process. A Zemo series telling how this ‘humanized’ anti-hero becomes a full-fledged super villain would be an interesting plot direction. He could then easily become the primary antagonist for the second season of Falcon And The Winter Soldier, should it ever happen.



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“The desire to become a superhuman cannot be separated from supremacist ideals. Anyone with that serum is inherently on that path.” Those were the exact words of Zemo. The very notion of a super-human terrorizes him. He believes that any person or being who believes he is superior to the rest of humanity in certain aspects is inherently furthering a supremacist ideology. On earth, there exists a pocket of super humans everybody ahs failed to take account of until now. Tønsberg is now New Asgard, the home town of the Asgardian refugees after Thor: Ragnarok’s events. In the comics, when Asgard was relocated to Earth, it faced stiff resistance from humanity, leading to the Siege event. Zemo could lead the charge, spearheading the invasion of New Asgard in the name of securing mankind’s future.


Return To Sokovia

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Instead of focusing on an action-oriented adventure series, a new Zemo series could focus on the aftermath of the many adventures of the Avengers. We have seen only a glimpse of what the world has become because of the Avengers. Tony Stark created an evil A.I that devastated a nation, killing Zemo’s family in the process. Zemo could be pardoned by Wakanda for his crimes and finally be allowed to go back to his country. Sokovia needs a leader. Zemo could be that person. It would be Marvel’s take on House of Cards, only scarier, darker, and much more engaging.


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Protecting The Blip Refugees From New Threats

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The Falcon And The Winter Soldier has shown us how the Blip created an international refugee crisis. The world has shaken to its core. Karli and the Flag Smashers did what they could to keep the refugees from being sent down the rabbit hole. But with the season finale, the Flag Smashers will be taken down for good. The Blip refugees would still be there. Zemo seems to be the only person in the entire MCU who seems to have a genuine respect and compassion for the refugees. he understands them in ways nobody else could because he is also a victim of the avengers’ actions just like them. With the Flag Smashers gone, the Blip refugees need a protector. Imagine if an organization like the Maggia swoops in. Only Zemo has the skills and the balls to stand up to them.


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