26 Movie Scenes That Shocked Audiences

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Everyone loves a good plot twist but the ones that we have brought for you are too shocking to handle. The shocked audiences have exclaimed that these scenes are too wild and maybe, they are. Here are 26 scenes from movies that are surprisingly wild:


1. Orphan

Esther in the movie Orphan

Orphan has got to be one of the most shocking movies ever. The 9-year-old adopted Esther turns out to be a 33-year-old murderer!!!! She was there only to seduce and murder the father in the house. In fact, she wanted to burn the house down. The movie is filled with amazing plot twists but this one drove everyone crazy.

2. Zootopia

Are You More Judy Hopps Or Assistant Mayor Bellwether From "Zootopia"? | Judy hopps, Zootopia, Disney zootopia
Assistant Mayor Bellwether

This was unexpected yet such an eventful twist in Zootopia. Judy realizes that the Assistant Mayor Bellwether was the actual villain. He was the one who was behind all the attacks and confusions. The shocked audiences could have never guessed that he was the real villain.


3. Spider Man: Far From Home

Spider Man: Far From Home
Mysterio revealed Peter’s secret

Mysterio, in Spider-Man: Far From Home, releases a video which he had forged. He uses the video to ruin Peter Parker’s reputation by revealing Spider Man’s true identity. That creates a mess for Peter and no one saw that coming. All the fans loved the twist but it kept everyone on the edge.

4. Searching

David finds out about his daughter

Searching was another movie that left the audience on the edges of their seats. David’s daughter had been missing for days and Inspector Vic was supposed to be looking into that case. However, it was only later that he realizes that Vic was responsible for his daughter being missing. Not only that, he also tried killing her.

5. Joker

Arthur and Sophie

No one would have guessed this one shocking plot twist from Joker. ARTHUR and SOPHIE never had a relationship and it was entirely in Arthur’s head. He imagined dating her and never actually did. The audience was rooting for the couple, while these two did not have an actual love story.


6. Split

Bruce Willis cameo in Split.

The happiest of the shocks was Split. Nobody would have guessed that Bruce Willis’s character will be a part of the movie. Only when he came forward in the final scene did the audience realize that Split was in fact the sequel to Unbreakable.

7. Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph
King Candy

The movie Wreck-It Ralph was another shock to everyone. As the movie progressed, King Candy transformed. He started glitching and everyone found out that he is Turbo. Nobody saw that one coming either.

8. Ex Machina

 Ex Machina
Ava captured Caleb

Ava in the movie Ex Machina, trapped Caleb in the house. Not only this, she also left in the very helicopter that was sent for Caleb.


9. Shutter Island

Shutter Island
Leonardo DiCaprio

Who doesn’t love Leonardo DiCaprio? But his revelation in Shutter Island came as a shock to everyone. His character finally realizes that he was not an actual US Marshall. Leonardo DiCaprio remembered that he was in fact a patient at the asylum. This shocked audiences as much as it shocked him.

10. Us

Red was acting as Adelaide

This may come as a shocker to you all. In the movie Us, everyone was left speechless when they found out that Adelaide was not actually Adelaide. Red had been living as Adelaide, while Adelaide was trapped under the boardwalk.

11. Avengers: Infinity Wars

Avengers: Infinity Wars
Thanos sacrificed Gamora for the Soul Stone.

What did we expect from Thanos anyway? Thanos sacrifices Gamora in Avengers: Infinity Wars for the Soul Stone. It was a surprise because Gamora was the one thing he actually loved, but he still made the sacrifice.


12. Interstellar

Mann lies about his planet

Mann lied in Interstellar about his planet not supporting any sort of human life. However, it isn’t easy to keep up with the lies. So, Mann tried to kill Cooper in order to cover up for his lies.

13. Black Swan

Black Swan
Not a murder but a suicide.

It was really shocking when everyone found out that even though Nina thought she killed Lily, she did not. It was only later that everyone found out that Lily had actually stabbed her own self.

14. Whiplash

Andrew and Fletcher

We all see Andrew testify against Fletcher but what happened next was really shocking. Fletcher then ambushed Andrew on the stage with incorrect music to ruin his career.


15. The Visit

The Visit
Parents realize the kids are not with the grandparents

In the movie The Visit, the mom finally realized what was wrong. When she video called, she found out that the kids were not with their grandparents but with two patients from the mental asylum.

16. Coco

Hector realizes that he was poisoned.

It did come as a shock to everyone when Hector in Coco realized that he was killed. Hector finally found out that he was killed and that Ernesto had poisoned him.

17. The Boy

The Boy
The Brahms when hit on the wall, released the man alive.

The movie left the shocked audiences speechless. When the doll, Brahms, was smashed in the house in a million pieces, a real man emerged. The man who was supposed to die years ago walked out alive from the wall.


18. Now You See Me

Now you see me
The chaser was chased

This movie left everyone on the edges of their seats. Dylan, the officer who was responsible for capturing the Four Horseman had orchestrated the entire event. Nobody could have guessed.

19. Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider Man Homecoming
Vulture is actually Liz’s father.

Spider Man didn’t see it coming and neither did we. In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Peter had no idea that Liz’s father was the Vulture. He found out when he went over to pick up Liz for the school dance.

20. Snowpiercer

Life outside the train

Snowpiercer made us all wonder how! Everyone in that train thought life outside the train came to a sudden halt. But that was not true. They all eventually see a polar bear towards the end of the movie, a ray of hope.


21. The Departed

The Departed
The elevator killed him

Costigan in The Departed captured Sullivan. He also thought that he was finally going to get his life back. However, things did not turn out that way and he was immediately killed in an elevator.

22. La La Land

La La Land
Mia and Sebastian

La La Land left everyone wanting more of Mia and Sebastian. The montage clearly showed that both of them were together and will live like that forever. However, when the actual scenario is shown, Mia was already married.

23. Avengers: Infinity Wars

Avengers: Infinity Wars
Thanos’s snap

In Avengers: Infinity Wars, something really scary happened. Thanos snapped his fingers and half of the world’s population turned to dust, and shocked the audiences.


24. Saw

Victim becomes the actual villain

Saw has been one of the few movies that traumatized everyone. It shocked everyone when the dead body got up and revealed that he was Jigsaw, the mastermind who planned the torture.

25. Get Out

Get Out
Chris and Rose

In Get Out, Rose and Chris were almost about to leave but then the most unexpected thing happened. Rose broke character and told Chris that she was the one who was going to hold him captive.

26. Arrival

Arrival reveals the future

In the movie Arrival, something really strange happened. Nobody had anticipated that the ‘flashbacks’ were actually the future. Louise and Ian were actually seeing the future where they had a daughter and then she dies.




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