1 Dwayne Johnson Film Proves The Rock Can Shine In Serious Roles Despite Acting Powerhouses Like Jon Bernthal, David Harbour As Co-Stars

2013's Snitch proved Dwayne Johnson is a fantastic actor and can stand out among legends like Jon Bernthal and David Harbour.

1 Dwayne Johnson Film Proves The Rock Can Shine In Serious Roles Despite Acting Powerhouses Like Jon Bernthal, David Harbour As Co-Stars


  • Dwayne Johnson is often criticized for being too similar in his roles
  • The movie "Snitch" proves that Johnson can shine in complex, serious characters
  • In the movie, Johnson plays a devoted father who infiltrates a drug ring to save his son
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Dwayne Johnson is an action powerhouse when it comes to the big screen. However, he is quite often criticized for being blunt and ‘similar’ in the many roles he has undertaken throughout his career. Even recently, the actor-wrestler had to bear criticism for apparently acting the same in movies like JumanjiSan Andreas, or Rampage.

Dwayne Johnson (@therock | Instagram)
Dwayne Johnson (@therock | Instagram)

However, there is one movie, Snitch that proves that the Rock is more than just an action hero and can shine even in the presence of acting legends like Jon Bernthal and David Harbour. His wonderful portrayal of a desperate father was more than enough to showcase, that Dwayne Johnson indeed was meant to be more than just a Westler.

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Dwayne Johnson’s Snitch Proves He Is A Born Actor

Still from Snitch (2013)
Still from Snitch (2013)

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Hollywood over the years has seen many wrestlers-turned-actors, but only a handful have managed to create the flare that Dwayne Johnson has created. Over the years, the former WWE champion has showcased magnificent success at the box office and has accumulated a fortune of $800 million And yet the actor often has been criticized for not being a good enough actor, even though he is an alluring performer.

But the movie Snitch, released in 2013, stands testament to his ability to portray complex, serious characters and stand out even when in the presence of acting powerhouses like Jon Bernthal and David Harbour. Playing the character of a devoted father, whose son is wrongfully accused of drug distribution and ends up in jail, Johnson shows a relentless determination to save his son.


Ending up making a deal with the authorities, his character infiltrates the drug ring, showcasing a compelling performance, pushing his action-hero persona to the side, and donning the shoes of a desperate and vulnerable father. Not only does the storyline allow him to go the extra mile to reveal his tremendous acting range but he also went more than just the ‘extra mile’ to bring the character to life.

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Snitch Allowed Dwayne Johnson To Breakway From His ‘Action-Hero’ Image

johnson in a still from snitch
Johnson in a still from Snitch

When Dwayne Johnson stepped away from his ‘action-hero’ persona to portray the role of a deeply vulnerable character, not many were sure how well an otherwise ‘intense’ actor could play the role. Much to the shock of many, he seamlessly transitioned and stepped away from the stereotypical roles he was known for and would play in the future.


Even though he was acting alongside the likes of Bernthal and Harbour, he stood out for his emotionally in-depth, and nuanced performance. Performing a more character-driven role, he effortlessly blended vulnerability, determination, and morality, proving that no matter the genre, he can shine in any role.

Leaving the audience with a lasting impact of a compelling performance, Snitch was instrumental in helping him break away from the box that many had placed him into.

Snitch can be streamed on Amazon Prime.


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