10 Genre-defining Christian Bale Performances, Ranked

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The English actor Christian Bale is one of the most versatile performers of all time. All his characters have been very different from one another. Christian doesn’t just manipulate his act according to these characters but brings about remarkable physical changes that the character demands. Every single one of his movies is, hands down, a piece of art. So to catch up with some of his best performances, here is a list of Christian Bale films that are a must-watch.


Equilibrium: This story speaks of what the world would be like after world war 3. The government bans all sorts of emotions, and any form of art that provokes emotions. In fact, every citizen is given drugs that suppress feelings of any kind. Cleric John Preston (Bale) is a government officer who hunts down the people against the government. However, one day he misses his dose and starts feeling the emotions, making him sympathetic towards the protestors; where will his loyalties lie?

Equilibrium- performances

The Machinist: Bale’s physical transformation as Trevor Reznik is commendable. For once, you may not even recognize him. He plays an insomniac who hasn’t slept in a year and starts ‘hallucinating’ a co-worker. Thinking of it as a plot against him, he sets out to investigate more about this non-existing man, only to discover the roots of his insomnia and more.

The Machinist- performances


Empire Of The Sun: Christian’s acting skills as a young boy was no less than what he has now. He plays a boy who is captured in a prison camp during the Japanese invasion of China. The movie is about his journey to reconstruct his old life. The level of sophistication he brings to the character is unmatched.

Empire Of The Sun- performances

The Big Short: He plays the character of an investment banker. The character was meant to be simple or rather dull. However, Bale managed to make him attractive. The movie is about a bunch of investors who put their money against the US mortgage markets. They later realize how corrupted the market is.

The Big Short- performances

Rescue Dawn: Bale has presented a brave portrayal of Lt. Dieter Dengler. During his mission, his plane crashed, and which had him captured in prison. He plots a way to get out of there, in the midst of soul-wrenching torture.

Rescue Dawn- performances


The Prestige: It is about two successful magicians who become enemies due to some unfortunate events in the past. They constantly try to best one another while sabotaging each other’s performances on stage.

The Prestige; performances

American Psycho: His role as Patrick shook us all. By the day, he is an investment banker who is a total people’s person. But the night is when he unleashes his ulterior ego and becomes a blood-thirsty, violent murderer.

American psycho

Ford v Ferrari: He plays the role of a car designer who wants to build a sports car for Ford that can compete with Ferrari in an upcoming competition.

Ford V Ferrari


The Dark Knight Trilogy: His performances in all these movies speaks for themselves. We all know Bale as the batman; there’s no explaining it.

The Dark Knight Trilogy

Out Of Furnace: This is one of the most brilliant performances by Bale. Once again, full marks for the physical transformation. The story revolves around two brothers. One of them gets carried away with a dangerous gang while getting involved in betting and other crimes, only to meet a terrible fate. Russell, played by Bale, needs to decide if he wants to start a new life or get justice for his brother.

Out Of Furnace

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