10 Hollywood Celebrities That Went Completely Broke

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It’s pretty hard to believe that even celebrities worth millions of dollars could run out of money. It has either been the result of bad investments or unmanaged spendings which have brought the fortunes of some of the biggest stars to naught and made them broke


Their lives often seem glamorous but even the biggest of the celebrities have had their issue with money. Neither of us or even the richest people in the world are ever anything but a few bad decisions away from taking a fall to the ground. Check out a list of just ten famous people who made vast fortunes but ended up losing a major chunk of it.

Charlie Sheen


Charlie Sheen used to be an award-winning actor and the highest-paid actor on TV at a time. However, his misconduct with the producers and costars lost him $135 million.

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage was the face of the early 2000s. His appetite for spending massive amounts of money on expensive artifacts made his net worth nosedive by 2009 when he almost exhausted his fortune and the U.S government approached him for $6 Million worth of taxes.


Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes of Blade Trilogy fame witnessed a career downfall when he got convicted of tax fraud which led to 2-year imprisonment. He owed about $30,000 to AmEx and $17 Million to the IRS.

Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga had to sell all her major assets to settle down $23 Million of debt.

Pamela Anderson

Decked up with taxes, Pamela Anderson went broke when she had to sell off her entire mansion in order to complete the payment.


Lindsay Lohan

A big part of the Mean Girls star’s wealth was seized by the IRS to pay off her debt in 2012. Lohan’s was worth nearly $46 million once but her net worth is now valued at $1.2 million.

Mike Tyson


Mike Tyson is said to have generated a whopping $400 million from boxing in his career. However, he couldn’t make that money last and went broke as he had to file for bankruptcy in 2003 with a $23 million debt.

50 Cent

50 Cent Looks to Continue His Hot TV Streak With New ABC Show 'For Life':  'There's No Real Competition for Me' | Billboard

50 Cent was known to flex his money on social media and music videos. His career trajectory however took a downfall years ago when he went bankrupt and got indebted to $32.5 Million.


Stephen Baldwin

Stephen was on the rise of his career after delivering hits like The Usual Suspects and Viva Rock Vegas. However, poor money management led the star filing for bankruptcy in 2009

Johnny Depp


With a messed up personal life. Johnny Depp lost a huge chunk of his wealth in the payment of various lawsuits.


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