10 Hollywood Sci-fi Novel Movie Adaptations That Were Even Better Than The Book

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As interesting as sci-fi novels are to read, some sci-fi movie adaptations are so good, they give us an equally appealing ride throughout. If you are into sci-fi novels or movies, this article is going to be a treat for you. Not every time book-to-movie adaptations turn out to be successful, let alone be better. But these from our list were indeed better than their source, and we absolutely love those. Here are 10 Hollywood sci-fi novel most intriguing sci-fi novel movie adaptations:


1. The Hunger Games series: The film series was based on the sci-fi novel trilogy written by Suzanne Collins. The series is among the most successful adaptations and also beautifully portrays the minor details of the plot.

The Hunger Games written by Suzanne Collins sci-fi novel adaptations movie
Written by Suzanne Collins

2. Minority Report: The source story for the movie is a short story written by Phillip K. Dick. The story is set in the year 2054 and revolves around the mutants who can foresee the crimes before they are committed and arrest those criminals. The movie gives an equally thrilling narrative about the murder mystery, the short story does. 

The Minority Report Philip K. Dick sci-fi novel movie adaptations
Written by Philip K. Dick

3. The Martian: This amazing movie is an adaptation of a sci-fi novel written by Andy Weir by the same name. The movie was not just an accurate portrayal; it was even better. The movie perfectly captured all the emotions, and the sets and VFX were equally astonishing. 

The Martian Andy Weir sci-fi novel movie adaptaions
Written by Andy Weir

4. The War of The Worlds: Both the movie adaptations of the sci-fi novel by the same name written by H. G. Wells are equally good. However, the 1953 version, directed by Byron Haskin, is more loved by the fans than Steven Spielberg’s.

The War of the Worlds by HG Wells sci-fi novels movie adaptations
Written by H. G. Wells

5. The Iron Giant: Brad Bird’s another finest direction! The movie is an adaptation of Ted Hughes’ novel, The Iron Man. The animated film is during the Cold War, where a boy befriends an alien robot. The movie was received well initially, but it became a cult classic eventually.

The Iron Giant: From Book to Screen Ted Hughes sci-fi novel to movie adaptations
Written by Ted Hughes

6. Arrival: Denis Villeneuve has directed this sci-fi novel adaptation and stars Jeremy Runner and Amy Adams in the lead roles. Amy Adams is supposed to interact with the aliens that have invaded the Earth. It is based on Ted Chiang’s novella, Story of Your Life.

Arrival Ted Chiang sci-fi novel movie adaptations
Written by Ted Chiang

7. 2001: A Space Odyssey: The sci-fi novel adaptations list has to have this movie on it because it is that good! Stanley Kubrick has directed the film and is an adaptation of the sci-fi novel written by Arthur C. Clarke.

2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke
Written by Arthur C. Clarke

8. Annihilation: The movie is about a group of women exploring an area where an alien has mutated every living thing. Jeff VanderMeer writes the sourcebook by the same name. The book is the first part of the trilogy, called the Southern Reach Trilogy.

Annihilation Written by Jeff VanderMeer
Written by Jeff VanderMeer

9. Dune: The movie is among the best sci-fi novel adaptations with an impeccable cast. It has Timotheé Chalamet as the lead, and since its release, it has captured the audiences’ attention worldwide. Frank Herbert wrote the original book.

Dune: Herbert, Frank
Written by Frank Herbert

10. Children of Men: The movie is an adaptation of P. D. James’ novel and has an interesting plot. It shows us the post-war- world where humans are on the verge of extinction due to infertility. The lead, Clive Owen, has the most crucial task: to bring the only pregnant woman to safety.

The Children of Men by James P. D.
Written by P. D. James

These books and movies are likely to give you a rollercoaster ride. So buckle-up and enjoy the ride. Let us know what you think of these.


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