10 Impossible Star Wars Cosplays Fans Pulled Off Anyway

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Have you ever thought of using the Force to ‘mildly’ strangle that bitter rival of yours? Or maybe flick a switch or close the door?? We have all been there. We have all wanted to become Jedi and Sith, trained in the ways of the Force. Star Wars does that to you. It takes you into this extremely incredibly imaginary wo9rld of sheer wonders. In the Galaxy far, far, away – anything is possible.


So when people finally gave us a reality check that Star wars is mere fiction, our bubble burst in the grandest fashion possible. We came crashing down. Our dreams of becoming a Warrior of the Force, a soldier working for the Republic/the Empire remained…well dreams. We can never be a part of Star Wars in real life. But that does not mean we can’t live it.

Cosplayers have been around for quite a while now. They excel at costume design and playing fictional roles. Some of them even entertain method acting techniques when they are in character. Star wars has inspired multiple generations of cosplayers. Save a few, t’s fantastical setting and myriad of alien characters are almost impossible to pull off. Never underestimate the power of a common fan. A Fan, if pushed to the corner, can invoke powers no universe is ready to deal with.


The Force is strong with these cosplays. See for yourself and tell us. No more holding Cinnamon Buns on the sides of your head or a flash light for a lightsaber. These cosplayers take matters into their own hands, recreating some of the most difficult to replicate costumes. And they do hat singlehandedly. The recent The Last Jedi trilogy may have ended the reign of the Skywalkers. But a new generation of fans welcome a new generation of Star Wars.

These costumes require some really tough discipline and talent to wear and make. Do not take these cosplayers lightly. Everything from an Imperial Walker to a Tauntaun have been recreated with Godlike accuracy. You might start wondering if they have a career is costume design in show business. Cosplayers really are some of the most incredible people of the lot. Most of the Star Wars cosplays you see here are next to impossible. The fans did it anyway. They do have the Force running through their veins.

Without further ado, here we go.







Space Lion Cosplay

Dewback Patrol



UK Garrison



Frank Ippolito


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