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10 Incredible Fan Theories About MCU Weapons & Tech That Make Total Sense

There are some incredible pieces of weapons and technology in the MCU. And there are enough theories about them as well.

Odin Created The Stormbreaker Mold To Stop Thor If He Goes Rogue

For all intents and purposes, we know for a fact Odin was a bad father with a case of problem children. His firstborn, Hela, was a rogue Goddess who tried to kill him. Thor had incredible abilities and he too had pretty much the same traits as Hela – a love for battle, arrogant, and vain. Odin had to banish Hela to stop her. But for Thor, Odin secretly ordered the dwarves to create a better, more powerful weapon that could stop Mjolnir and break Thor’s spirit, a better way to stop his child rather than killing him.

The Dwarves Made The Black Order’s Weapons

The weapons the Black Order uses, like Proxima’s Trident, and Corvus Glaive’s Glaive, had the ability to return back to the user. Cull Obsidian also had good control over his hammer. Ebony Maw’s needle weaponry was incredibly potent too. The Black Orders’ weapons could deflect attacks from the Vision’s Mind Stone. Only one other weapon has been able to do that and that was the Stormbreaker, created by the King of the Dwarves.

Odin Defeated Hela Using The Infinity Stones

In the Thor movies, Odin has claimed Thor is stronger than Odin could ever be. If Thor was stronger than Odin and Thor wasn’t able to defeat Hela in her prime, how come Odin did it? The theory states that Odin used the power of the Tesseract or maybe all the infinity Stones to amplify his abilities and banish Hela from Asgard.

Star Lord’s Universal Translator Doesn’t Understand Groot’s Language Because It’s Extinct

Star Lord’s universal translator comes loaded with a software that instantly recognizes and translates any known language in the universe. But for some reason, it cannot translate Groot’s dialect. Thor somehow understood Groot. The theory is that Groot is the last of his species. Thor understands it because he is 1500 years old so he must have learnt it as a child back when Groot’s species was abundant. Peter’s universal translator never cared top include Groot’s language because there’s literally only one Groot in the entire universe, something the animated series seconded as a fact.

Hydra’s Tesseract Weapons Do Not Disintegrate Enemies But Merely Teleport Them To Random Spots In Space

When the Red skull instructed Arnim Zola to create weaponry powered by the Tesseract, he thought he was just harnessing its limitless power. But the Tesseract’s power is not giving off limitless energy. It’s the power to distort space. When an object is hit by Hydra’s Tesseract weaponry, it doesn’t get destroyed. this theory states they get transported to random coordinates in the universe, left to die.

Thor Destroyed Mjolnir, Not Hela

The theory is that Thor uses the tactic of loading his hammer with enough force and electricity to roll through his enemies. he could sense Hela was hella (well, sorry but not sorry) strong. So he pumped it with enough force to rip through her. Hela just stopped Mjolnir in its tracks. She never applied enough crushing force to the weapon. The excess energy in Mjolnir coupled with the sudden brute force from both ends is the reason it exploded in a brilliant flash of electricity.

The Super Soldier Serum’s Key Ingredient Is Wakanda’s Heart Shaped Herb

Dr. Abraham Erskine attempted to make a super soldier twice. His first attempt was ineffective, resulting in the creation of the Red Skull. His second attempt was Steve Rogers, a glaring success. The theory states that Erskine succeeded the second time because the new super soldier serum’s key ingredient was the heart shaped herb. Erskine was working with Howard Stark, who had access to Vibranium, the Wakandan wonder metal. He must have retrieved the heart shaped herb somehow and Erskine must have used it to create the perfected super soldier serum. This explains why no Captain America and Black Panther have similar skillsets and power-levels.

Vision Lifts Mjolnir Because He’s Technically Not Alive

In Age of Ultron, Vision lifted Mjolnir. At first glance, people thought he was worthy of the hammer. But technically, Vision is an android so is not alive. Inanimate objects like an elevator could lift Mjolnir.

Howard Stark Injected Tony Stark With A Version Of The Super Soldier Serum

This may be the wildest theory ever. It banks on the fact that Tony Stark has managed to perform feats not possible by an ordinary human. From escaping shrapnel that live inches away from his heart, to surviving asphyxiation and ungodly radiation while going through a wormhole and escaping a literal moon thrown at him, a normal human body will not be able to handle the stress Tony Stark goes through on a weekly basis. There’s only one explanation how it is possible.

Pym Particles Is A Reality Altering Chemical Derived From The Reality Stone

The Pym Particles tend to be rather unpredictable. Sometimes Ant-Man, in his shrunk form lands gracefully on an ant. Other times he has enough mass to damage everything he lands on. The theory states the Pym Particles change the the user’s reality, letting his or her thoughts control the outcome. This would mean they are somehow related to the Reality Stone aka the Aether.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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