10 Most Unforgettable Musician Cameos on TV Shows

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A musician’s cameo turns more heads than an actor’s cameo does in a music video. There is no doubt that they are the Queens and Kings of the show business with the highest net value and the highest number of followers on social media. More than half of the world is strongly influenced by their choices and actions. So, that explains why TV shows would do anything to feature them on their episodes. It’s rather ironic that even though music stars’ acting career isn’t fruitful; their appearance in series shoots up the viewer ratings by 20 million. Find out the 10 most unforgettable cameos by musicians on TV shows.


Eminem on Entourage

Teen favourite “Entourage” was deeply immersed in Hollywood, frame by frame. It depicted a young man who got his big break and tagged his friends along to his glamorous world. Even though the protagonist was fictional, tons of celebrities around him appeared on the show as themselves. One of those cameos was played by none other than Eminem where he punched Vinny in the face      . The scene ended with the rapper throwing a drunken Vinny out of his music launch party.


Lady Gaga on Gossip Girl   

The elite families of the Upper East Side on “Gossip Girl” were no less than celebrities themselves. So, it was common for Queen B, Blair Waldorf and “It” Girl Serena van der Woodsen to run into pop stars and powerful influencers. Some of the real faces of the show business appeared as themselves. Lady Gaga made a grand entrance at Blair’s university and performed on one of her songs. Other celebs like Gwen Stefani, Tyra Banks, and Ivanka Trump also cameoed.

Britney Spears on How I Met Your Mother


Britney didn’t show up as a cameo but played a character for two episodes on the hit sitcom. Her role wasn’t in the spotlight as the others but she added a lot of fun and fuel into the story. She played Abby, a receptionist who worked at Stella’s clinic. Abby had a huge crush on Ted but ended up sleeping with Barney after Ted went out with Stella. As usual, Barney didn’t call her following that night but invited more trouble. She stalked him everywhere and warned other women about him. Not just Britney, even Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, Katy Perry, and Mandy Moore made brief appearances on the HIMYM.

Prince on New Girl

The legendary Prince made his first-ever appearance on a sitcom with “New Girl”. He was a big fan of the show and somehow managed to share a scene with Jess and CeCe when they got invited to his party. That was also the episode where Nick confessed his feelings for Jess, followed by Prince offering them some advice.


Snoop Dogg on One Life To Live

The talented rapper had been a fan of the soap since he was a kid, as his mom used to watch it with him. So, even though “One Life To Live” was lucky to have Snoop Dogg on the show, it was his dream that got fulfilled. He acted in some scenes with the cast and also performed music.

Bob Dylan on Dharma and Greg


As awesome as it was for the fans, Bob Dylan’s sudden and out of the blue appearance left them puzzled. It happened randomly, followed by Dharma auditioning to play the drums with Dylan.

David Bowie on Extras

Everyone’s favourite, David Bowie played an over-the-top version of himself on “Extras”. He was at the VIP club when he came across a dejected Andy who vented out everything at him. The whole incident prompted David to come up with a song about Andy on the spot. He called him a “pathetic little fat man” “Banal and Facile”, and “a fat waste of space”.


New Kids On The Block on Fuller House

Since “Fuller House” is a spin-off of one of the greatest sitcoms of the ‘90s, the director found it perfect to feature the band from the same time. When the women, once kids on “Full House”, were entering their 40s and missing the good old days, Kimmy pulled some strings to bring home the classic boy band, New Kids on the Block.

Gene Simmons on Miami Vice


There was a time when the rockstar dressed up in a dazzling white outfit instead of his signature demonic makeup. He appeared as a bad guy on “Miami Vice” who ended up helping detectives James Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs take down the smugglers.

Boy George on The A-Team

Remember the episode when Boy George appeared on “The A-Team” as himself? George was spotted kicking down a door to help the A-Team escape in disguises. It was followed by him performing in front of a grumpy mob of oil workers and pacifying them before they would leave to hunt down the falsely accused A-Team.


Written by Ipshita Barua

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