10 Movie Villains We Find Attractive Even When We Shouldn’t

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If you are visiting this page because it feels relatable, then boy, you are doomed. No matter how many times our conscience tries to confront us, we can’t help but get charmed by the bad guy/girl. Danger seems to heat the room for us. Have you ever felt awkward talking about your crush on a sinister character? Well, welcome to the family. Regardless of their hot or hideous appearance, we tend to get attracted to their chilly presence and manipulative powers. Here are the 10 movie villains that we find attractive even when we shouldn’t. Let us know if we missed someone.



This is the only Scarecrow in the history of mankind that magnetizes people. Cillian Murphy’s piercing blue eyes and chiselled features can make you forget which side you’re on. When we saw his Scarecrow in “Batman Begins”, all we could say is ‘beautiful’. His cold aura and evil smile along with that face are like a cherry on top.


Tom Riddle

Sorry if you were looking for Voldemort and his snake-like eyes because we are only going to talk about Tom Riddle. Even the “Harry Potter” books had acknowledged the fact that Riddle was charming and good-looking that helped him get his way through. If he could charm powerful wizards like Hepzibah and his mates, how can muggles like us resist him?



Gone are the days when the ‘mirror’ found Disney princesses the prettiest of all. Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent was the queen of all evil. Even with those horns and scary cheekbones, this wicked fairy raised the bar for hotness. Angelina as a villain is the most alluring thing we have ever seen. She is the kind of danger that we will happily hug.

Niklaus Mikaelson

Klaus was not just a crush, he was love. The way he said, “love” or “ripper” just won everyone over. Ever since the Originals were introduced in “The Vampire Diaries” Season 2, Klaus has been one of the best characters of the show. His journey from being the villain to anti-hero made us fall in love with him. By the way, if Caroline (from The Vampire Diaries) is attracted to you, it means you are quite special. He is played by the British actor Joseph Morgan and guys British accent….of course… right? Should I say anything else? There are vampires who are hot and there is Klaus who makes your heart skip a beat.



No one knows why they fell head over heels for Jareth the Goblin King in “Labyrinth”. It was one of David Bowie’s best performances. In fact, many of us were envious of Sarah for being tortured by the mysteriously seductive and dominating Jareth. Looking at him in those tights on the screen and not being able to do anything was pretty frustrating.



So many people have played the Joker. But when we are talking about Joker as a villain, we will not consider Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal. Jack Nicholson did an amazing job in Tim Burton’s Batman (1989). But it was Heath Ledger’s Joker which immortalized this character. We couldn’t decide whether Joker was right or wrong. Love him or hate him. And the reason we are attracted to him is that he’s chilly, crazy and too unpredictable. It feels wrong to like Joker, but well we all secretly do admire him.

Harley Quinn

Margot Robbie is an exceptional actor and of course, she is very hot. When she was roped in to play Harley Quinn everyone (especially the guys) just lost it. Anyone who has seen “The Wolf of Wall Street” knew what was in store for them. But, Harley isn’t just a hot bombshell. From “Suicide Squad” to be the lead in “Birds of Prey” we just fell in love with the character’s candour and wildness. Margot Robbie has made Harley her own and we just love her unpredictability.



Tom Hiddleston, sold! British accent sold! And then becoming the best anti-hero in the entire MCU, that is what Loki has managed to do. Well, if you don’t believe us, you should know that Marvel has dedicated an entire series to him. Thanks to his super fandom. From hating Loki in “Thor 1” to loving him and crying him for him in “Avengers: Infinity War” we have been with him all along. He doesn’t need God-like powers, his sarcasm is lethal enough. Now, we are just waiting for the Loki series to just blow us over.

Hans Gruber


Before you knew him as Professor Snape, Alan Rickman gained wide popularity for his portrayal of Hans Gruber in “Die Hard”. Of course, Bruce Willis was amazing in the film but Hans Gruber’s powerful presence and dapper appearance made it awesome. Hans was intelligent, shrewd and authoritative. “Die Hard” became a cult movie because of Alan Rickman. We have had five parts till now. But it was because of an amazing villain that Alan gave in Hans, the franchise exists. And the final shot when he dies just immortalized the character.


When Tom Hardy was chosen to play Bane in “The Dark Knight Rises” it did raise a few eyebrows. But he did an amazing job even as the bad guy. We start hating Bane because of what he does to Batman. But then when we come closer to the climax, we realize that Bane isn’t the real villain. He just loved Talia. He was the only one who managed to break the Dark Knight. And the dialogue when he says to Batman, “You think darkness is your ally. I was born in it”, was the epic moment in their fight.





Written by Ipshita Barua

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