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10 Sweet Gestures From Otherwise Horrifying Comic Book Villains Proving They Are Still Human

Super-villains tend to always be plotting to destroy the world. But sometimes, they show us what it means to be kind and human.

The Pied Piper, A Flash Villain, Now Champions The Cause Of The Homeless

The Pied Piper uses mastery of sound to control his enemies. He can use his powers to control sound, using it to hypnotize people or create weapons out of. But after he reformed, for a short while, the Pied Piper felt his purpose was to help the homeless and the underprivileged. In New York, he helped run food missions for the homeless and even fought the city administration to give them residence rights.

Two-Face Once Protected Gotham In Batman’s Stead

Harvey Dent was actually one of the good guys. But after Sal Maroni’s men threw acid on his face, he developed a split personality and identified himself as a super villain. In Batman: Hush, Two Face underwent plastic surgery. After getting rid of his burnt half, Harvey dent used his network and contacts he had accumulated during his time as two face to protect the city he had vowed to destroy.

Deathstroke Once Risked His Life To Save All Humanity

Slade Wilson is a pretty tough guy. And he works for money above anything else. His mercenary life style makes people think the guy’s heart is made of stone. But Deathstroke does have a human side. He once single-handedly defeated a race of aliens called the DNA Aliens. No one knows that Deathstroke would go so far as to risk his life to save mankind. Contrary to popular, Deathstroke’s belief isn’t money. Its in the “greater good”.

The Joker Weeps For The People He Has Killed, Tries Bringing Them All Back To Life

The Joker’s acts are not at all excusable. The guy’s mentally unstable and a threat to the entire world. But we have to address the fact that he is insane. Even he does not know what he does because his craziness takes over his body completely. But there were times when Joker regained his sanity back. And boy did he have a heart of gold. In Batman: Legends of the dark Knight, Martian Manhunter repairs Joker’s brain. He starts weeping for all the things he has done, even trying to resurrect the dead people he killed. In the end, he says, “sanity is such a burden”.

Bane Takes A Bullet For The Dark Knight

Bane is an all around bad guy. He was only eight when he got his first kill. A seasoned and hardened criminal, Bane is a force to be reckoned with. But in Batman: Gotham Knights #49, Bane and batman face Bane’s father. Bane jumps in front of batman when his father tries to shoot Bruce. As a token of gratitude, Batman throws Bane’s body into the Lazarus Pit, resurrecting him. The pit cures his body, mind, and soul. Both Bane and Batman then join forces to take down bad guys for a while.

Lex Luthor Fights Injustice And Oppression For All Mankind

In Crisis On Two earths, a parallel reality world exists where the Justice League is evil. And believe it or not, Lex Luthor is the one holding the world from falling apart. He saves an entire universe from being engulfed in the flames of war by traveling to another universe and recruiting the mainstream Justice League to their cause. He even helps them fight the Crime Syndicate – the evil parallel universe Justice League.

Norman Osborn Leads The Fight Against The Skrulls, Putting An End To Secret Invasion

No one believed that the Green Goblin of all people would be the one to help the Earth get rid of the Skrull invasion. After he assumed the office of the President of the USA, Osborn went straight to work. He organized forces and helped the world governments hunt down the shape shifting Skrulls. The earth would have become a Skrull colony if Osborn had not jumped in. For a while he even freed himself of his Green Goblin persona, becoming a truly just hero of the masses. But then Dark Reign happened and well…..the rest is history.

The Lizard Saved Aunt May’s Life

In the most heartwarming of instances, Doctor Curt Connors burnt the midnight oil and developed a wonder drug just so he could save Peter Parker’s Aunt May. And he sold it to him for the price of the supplies.

Poison Ivy Protects Orphans

Ivy uses her plant manipulation powers to not only protect Mother Nature but also little street toddlers. The orphaned children of Gotham no one cares for, she takes them under her wing and makes them a member of her sanctuary, forever under her protection from lurking predators and child traffickers.

Harley Quinn Saves A Depressed Dog From An Abusive Owner

She is demented and a freak, But she loves animals. Harley Quinn has done lots of bad stuff. In Harley Quinn #1, she shows us her human side. When she sees a dog being mistreated by its abusive owner, she jumps to its rescue. We all felt that one.