10 Wild Squid Game Fan Theories So Detailed They Might Actually Be True

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The new Korean drama has been all that people have been talking about lately. The show is the most-watched Netflix original show. And thus, obviously, people weren’t going to stop the speculations. The series sure ended but left the audience with several unanswered questions, spiraling into fan theories. Even though there are many, we have compiled the best 10 Squid Game fan theories. Before you proceed, SPOILER ALERT!!!


1. The most popular one of all the Squid Game fan theories is about the game card. We all saw Gi Hun choose a card before beginning the game, and fans have been speculating that the card determines your role. So if one chose a blue card, they would become a player, and if they chose a red, they would be a guard.

Cards, blue or red

2. Front Man won the game back in 2015 and was still there, and we also saw how terrified he was to find out about his brother’s death. So fans are guessing that the Front Man is trapped because he was caught exposing the game’s secret.

Front Man


3. Fans have been speculating that Gong Yoo is not going to be just a salesman and will have a bigger role eventually. He’s probably the old man’s son and might continue the games.

Gong Yoo

4. Season one was full of plot twists, and anything twistier sounds plausible. Just like this fan theory about the old man Gi Hun meets after coming out of the game. It was portrayed as a coincidence, but fans think not. They believe the old man to be Gi Hun’s father.

The old man and Gi Hun talking in front of a convenience store.

5. Just like the players, the guards are also playing a role in return for some form of a reward. Viewers think these guards could be prison inmates or criminals wanting money or time, and that’s what they expect from the game.

Guards Squid Game Fan Theories


6. This one is a far-stretched theory but hear us out. From the story so far, it is evident that the old man is lonely and misses his son a lot. Despite having so much money, he doesn’t have a person to go to. So fans are saying that he started the games to find his missing son.

Old Man Squid Game Fan Theories

7. We found one of the most intriguing fan theories, and it makes a hell lotta sense. The Reddit user talks about the color scheme used in the show. According to the viewer, Cyan color refers to people on the show, magenta to the system, yellow to money. So when a person (cyan) gets money (yellow), they become green, which is the player. When a person (cyan) follows the system (magenta), they become blue (part of the system), and when magenta (system) gets money (yellow), it becomes red (blood). However, we saw the Front Man in an all-black costume, so he probably has these colors. 

r/squidgame - Theory about the colors in the squid game

8. Many viewers have been wondering about the role of VIPs, but one believes that they are us, the viewers, and the subscribers. They appear to be speaking in varied accents, so they are from all around the globe and simply spectate and place their bets.

VIPs Squid Game Fan Theories


9. We saw Gi Hun dye his hair at the end of season 1, which has kept us wondering why? He decides to fall back, and fans think he’s decided to go back into the game as a guard and expose it.

Why Did Gi-hun Dye His Hair Red Squid Game Fan Theories

10. The VIPs have a very mysterious role in the game, and there are many theories around them. In episode 7, one of the VIPs says, “the games this edition have been amazing,” to which the other one replies, saying it was the best in Korea. So this might indicate that these games occur internationally.

Squid Game Fan Theories




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