11 Most Intriguing TV Characters That Stayed In Our Minds


Sometimes the director visualizes a character that can be deemed too good or too powerful to be brought on the screen. But one reference to them can change the whole dynamics of the story and thus compel the showrunners to cast them. However, it is often better to allow our imaginations to run wild than confining them by giving them a face. No one imagined how impactful these fictional people were until the story proceeded. They may have started as small and insignificant characters but ended up growing into something huge in their ways. These mysterious and faceless roles might not be good or heroic necessarily but they were quite powerful. That’s why some directors never dared to cast these parts. Here are the 10 most intriguing TV characters that stayed in our minds.

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Vera Peterson on Cheers

norm peterson cheers


The classic sitcom was about a group of people coming from various experiences to work and drink at the bar called Cheers. One of them was Norm Peterson who visited the bar every day only to avoid his wife, Vera. Apparently, every minute that he spent with her was painful and unbearable. We heard so much about her but never got to see this wife. Actor George Wendt’s charming wife from real life, Bernadette Birkett did play Vera’s body and voice whenever it was needed.

POTUS on Veep



“Veep” was a satire featuring the challenges of Former Senator Selina Meyer ever since she became the Vice President of the United States. The President in this political drama was mostly referred to as POTUS but never seen on the screen. It wasn’t until later that the series revealed his name, President Stuart Hughes. If you have ever imagined how President Hughes would look like, the creator would have most likely cast Arnold Schwarzenneger.

Eckley DiMeo on The Sopranos

the sopranos


Tony Soprano had proved to be a genius mafia head who ran his family business in the underworld. However, there was always an off-screen and an unseen puppet master, Eckley DiMeo, Old Man in the beginning. He was the founder of the DiMeo crime family and the Boss, only by name, from behind the bars.

Robin Masters in Magnum, P.I.

magnum pi


Magnum was secretly a private investigator who worked as security for an unseen but celebrated author, Masters in Hawaii. This author had also allowed Magnum’s buddies from his military days to stay at his luxurious estate. Since Masters identity and face was never revealed, many theories suggested that it was Magnum as Masters all along. One more secret identity wouldn’t make any difference, would it?

Mrs Columbo on Columbo



Columbo’s mystery wife had a separate world of interesting incidents erupting outside the premise of the show. Though we never saw her on the series, her fascinating life was intriguing enough to pull us for a second season. Eventually, the director tapped on the hype built around her and made a spin-off named “Mrs Columbo”. When the name fueled negative reactions amongst fans, they changed it to “Kate Loves A Mystery” and renamed the character, Mrs Callahan.

Angela Valentino on Leave it to Beaver

leave it to beaver


Writers of the classic sitcom had made Angela the source of eerie and disastrous stories that usually scared the children. Every kid’s real-life nightmare starred no one but Angela. She threw up at the back of the bus, paraded her sixth toe, and devoured on the glue.

Lars Lindstrom on The Mary Tyler Moore Show

mary tyler moore show


Lars Lindstrom was the selfish and promiscuous husband of Mary’s landlady. The sitcom showcased and described him in low light for his irresponsible and greedy actions. However, Betty White wouldn’t have appeared on the show had it not been for Lars. She played his mistress and no matter how much one hated Lars, they were thankful for the role that brought Betty.

Diane on Twin Peaks

agent dale cooper


We often saw Agent Dale Cooper recording his theories and observations to send them off to Diane at the FBI headquarters. For all we knew, Diane could have been an invisible and non-existent listener the HQ created to have Dale diligently keep data of his work. After all, having someone listen to your monologues feels less awkward. But Cooper was once found flirting with her at the HQ.

Richard Nygard on Parks and Recreation

chris traeger parks and rec


Chris Traeger always praised his therapist for instilling good habits and a positive attitude in him. But, we never got to meet this amazing Dr Richard Nygard. According to a theory by Chris’ friends on the show, there was never a therapist but it was Chris treating himself in front of the mirror as Nygard.

Bob Sacamano on Seinfeld

kramer seinfeld


Michael Richards’ Kramer had a friend whose name was often brought up on the show. This “friend” is majorly remembered for his disastrous inventions and disorders. Reportedly, Bob Sacamano is based on the writer’s friend with the same name. However, according to sources, they fell apart after his castration was mentioned in one of the episodes.

Maris Crane on Frasier

nile fraiser


Nile’s first wife on “Frasier” never got a face because there wasn’t an actor who could embody everything that defined her. This uber-rich Maris frequently came up in discussions but never appeared physically. She was always too shy to attend gatherings. The show described as a coat rack who depended on plastic surgery more than air and did not have a single pigmentation. Thanks to Peter Casey for letting our imaginations run wild.


Written by Ipshita Barua