11 Uncanny Pixar Movie Theories That Really Make You Think

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The Pixar Movies are some of the greatest contributions to the movie making industry. they are fun, light-hearted, and has a very huge fan base. So obviously, it is going to have some very plausible and incredible fan theories.


14 Pixar Movies Take Place In The Same Universe

This theory is so profound amongst fan circles that a die-hard fan even wrote a book about it. Jon Negroni has written a book claiming that almost as many as 14 Pixar movies may be occurring in the same universe. Starting from Toy Story to Wall-E, Cars 2, and Monsters University, the movies depict the same world in different time periods. When you factor in the fact that there are Easter Eggs of different Pixar movies in every other Pixar movie, this theory makes even more sense.


The Wall-E Tree Sapling Becomes The Tree In A Bug’s Life

In Wall-E, the discovery of plant life on Earth leads to a literal star-hopping mission. Wall-E travels to Axiom, the human colony ship, where events unravel that finally lead to humans coming back to the planet. In A Bug’s Life, the Tree we see is claimed to be the same plant sapling in Wall-E. The small plant has grown into a full grown tree and now supports an entire ecosystem as part of Mother Nature of a newly replenished Earth.

The Witch in Brave Is Boo From Monsters Inc


Boo loved Sulley. When he left her, it was devastating for her. When she grew up, she decided to use the same doors the monsters use to travel to the human world and travelled across time. There she found the Will-O’-The-Wisps. After finding out the secret to Magic, Boo became the witch we saw in Brave. There’s a carving of Sulley in her tavern that could only be explained by this theory. She has also been to the Toy  Story Universe since there’s a carving of Pizza Planet in her home as well.

Carl Actually Died in Up. The Movie Was About Carl Being Escorted To The Afterlife

Up is an incredibly sad movie. It has so much intense emotions of loss and grief that it might even overwhelm the viewers. But there’s a theory that may make this movie even sadder. It states that Up is not actually happening in the real world. Carl actually died in the beginning of Up. The movie is about carl being escorted to Ellie in the afterlife. An angel appears in the form of a little kid to get the job done.


All Pixar Movies Happen After The Apocalypse Destroyed Humanity

Talking cars, Humanoid monsters, anthropomorphic insects, and sentient robots – All of this sounds way too fictional, even for a fictional world. Things like this do not happen if humans are around. Everything about the Earth is the same. The only thing that’s missing is its dominant species. But what if they once used to roam the Pixar Universe. Maybe after earth fell to overpopulation and pollution, Humans left the planet in Axiom, the colony ship from Wall-E. The talking toys and inanimate objects then took over the world and that’s how the Pixar Universe began.

The Magic In Brave Is How Talking Animals Came Into Existence


In Brave, the Witch’s magic turns Queen Elinor into a bear. While in the bear form, Queen Elinor still retains her ability to think and reason. Although the human element of reasoning soon fades away as the spell takes hold, this particular theory says that it can be passed on to descendants. That is how talking animals who could think and act came into existence in the Pixar Universe. That would mean Boo…err, the witch might have been operating on a much bigger scale than we could have imagined.

Wall-E Destroyed Earth

Now before you start throwing a hissy fit, here us out. Wall-E, for a robot, is pretty flawed. He shows very human like tendencies of collecting memorabilia and hording things, just like humans do. What if this habit was what doomed the planet. The robots in charge of cleaning were systematically dismantled, their parts horded by Wall-E because the robots keep taking Wall-E’s stuff. With the cleaning units gone, Earth turns into an inhabitable wasteland. Humans are forced to leave the blue planet because of one robot with an OCD.


Nemo Does Not Exist. He Is a Figment of Marlin’s Imagination

If you want an even sadder theory than Carl’s afterlife theory from Up, we give you Finding Nemo. This theory states that marlin’s wife and eggs died when the predator fish attacked. marlin was left with so much grief and guilt that he imagined a story about saving a son that could have been. the entire story of Finding nemo is actually happening inside Marlin’s head. The Clownfish has lost his grip over reality and is slowly slipping into insanity.

Edna Mode Saved the World In The Incredibles


When Mr. Incredible asks Edna Mode, the superhero costume designer, to add a cape to his new suit, Edna refuses to do so. She cites multiple examples where a cape proved lethal for a superhero. Syndrome, according to this theory, also came to Edna for making his super suit. Edna wantonly added a cape, which was how syndrome met his end when he got sucked into the jet turbine. Sher knew Syndrome’s bad intentions for the world and purposefully did what she did to save everyone.

The Monsters Are The Super Species Created Out Of Talking Animals And Machines

If the theory of the Apocalypse leading to the machines and animals taking over the world is true, then this theory makes a lot more sense. In a world where humans have finally returned to repopulate the planet, the dominant species are now the talking machines and animals. So to tackle humanity they create the Monsters. The Monsters take over the world and humanity slowly fades away. But the Monsters realize they need humans to generate power. So they use time travel (since it happens in the far future where such technology is plausible) to go back to the past and use scare tactics to collect screams before switching to laughter.


Boo Is The One Dropping All The Easter Eggs In Pixar Movies

This is a very fun and exciting theory. Pixar movies have tons of references to other popular movies in the same universe. It’s either a massive coincidence or someone is deliberately dropping clues. This theory says that it’s boo, who is now the witch in Brave, who has figured out how to use the Monsters’ doors to travel across time and dimensions. She is dropping clues and Easter eggs all across the Pixar universe in search of her beloved Sulley.


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