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12 Interesting Behind-The-Scenes Facts From WandaVision

Hardly few days have passed since the ground-shattering finale of WandaVision aired on the screen. We had invested a considerable amount of time and mind on the MCU series. Our social media and search engine pages were brimming with Easter eggs and theories about the mysterious show. So it’s natural that fans are still enduring the hangover from Scarlet Witch’s Westview magic. We are secretly hoping for MCU to drop a bonus episode of the show. But the truth is that we might not see Wanda until “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” arrives. If you are still not over Wanda and Vision, then here are some moments from the sets. Dive into these 12 interesting behind-the-scenes facts from WandaVision.


Blue Vision

blue vision black and white

The last few episodes introduced us to the White Vision who was reprogrammed in the Vision’s body by Agent Hayward. But there were three Visions in WandaVision. Apart from Wanda’s Red Vision and SWORD’s White Vision, there was a Blue Vision in the first two episodes. Since it was hard to blend the colour of Red Vision in the greyscale theme, they painted Paul Bettany in blue.

Señor Scratchy

senor scratchy wandavision

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Many theories were emerging from Agatha Harkness’ Señor Scratchy. But all of them were shut down after the finale ignored the rabbit’s truth. Scratchy has emerged again ever since director Matt Shakman revealed that they shot a deleted scene on the rabbit. In fact, it confirms some of the fan theories. The finale featured Monica, Ralph and Wanda’s twins visiting Agatha’s basement, only to discover Scratchy transform into a demon. The scene was shot, but its VFX was left incomplete as the creative team found it a “detour” from the main plot.

“Avengers: Endgame” Had Post-Credits for WandaVision

avengers endgame

Actor Paul Bettany revealed that Endgame was supposed to have a post-credits scene leading to “WandaVision”. It would have shown Vision’s corpse, thus dropping some Easter eggs to the plot of the series. But Kevin Feige decided not to have any post-credits scenes. It was indeed a proper farewell to MCU phase 3.


Paul Bettany Fired?

paul bettany 1

After Paul Bettany’s Vision was killed at the end of “Avengers: Infinity War”, the studio had fixed up a meeting with the actor. On being called by the top executives like that, Bettany was convinced that he was getting a farewell from Marvel. But to his surprise, they invited him to talk about WandaVision.

Scheduling Mess

mcu phase 4 slate


Originally, WandaVision wasn’t supposed to inaugurate the MCU Phase- 4. But the pandemic of 2020 messed up the timeline for real. The franchise had planned to start with Black Widow, followed by Eternals, and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. WandaVision was supposed to air right before Doctor Strange to kick off the latter’s story. But the delays and shutting down of theatres forced the studio to reshuffle the release dates.

Paul Bettany Fooled The Fans

white vision vs vision

Looking at the rising euphoria of Marvel fans around the theories, Paul Bettany decided to play a safe prank on us. He hinted at the arrival of a mysterious character and said that it would be played by someone he always wanted to work with. Fans spent days scratching their heads to unravel the mystery behind this new Marvel character. It wasn’t until the last few episodes that we understood whom Bettany was referring to. He was talking about himself playing the White Vision.


Elizabeth Olsen Wasn’t Sure About The Show

elizabeth olsen

MCU hasn’t had a good bond with TV series in the past. We know how disappointed the small-screen actors were with the studio not acknowledging them in the movie timeline. So, it’s not a riddle to find out why actress Elizabeth Olsen had reservations about starring in WandaVision. She was unsure about the TV concept and didn’t know how such big characters like Wanda would do on the small screen without the Avengers. Now she knows that she made the right call by sticking with the show. Ever since the show released, fans handed over the strings of their hearts to Wanda.

Too Many Cooks

wandavision opening ccredits


WandaVision hit the right buttons while recreating the classic sitcoms. Starting from the opening credits, it had taken us back to the good old days of TV. The songwriters of the show, Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, shared some secrets about the opening theme song that changed in every episode. It turns out they were inspired by an Adult Swim short named “Too Many Cooks”. It is a parody of various ’90s sitcom theme songs that scored about millions of views within a few weeks.

The Title

wandavision comiccon

“WandaVision” is the perfect example of a short, to the point, and catchy title. Even though Iron Man, Thor, Ant-Man and Black Widow’s movie titles are also based on their names, WandaVision seems to have a different impact. After spending hours on finding the right name for the show, Kevin Feige showed up and suggested “WandaVision” to the writers and producers. It didn’t take that long for the team to love the title.


Kathryn Hahn Sang Agatha All Along

agatha all along

Kathryn Hahn has totally won over fans with her powerful performance and insidious yet entertaining presence as Agatha Harkness. When she was lending her voice for “Agatha All Along”, she had no idea how big the song would turn out to be. She was surprised to find the song on the top spot in the iTunes charts.


wandavision kitchen 1


Despite being a part of the Superhero genre, the show managed to stay faithful to the sitcom theme. They went with this idea to create a state of mystery and eeriness. Everyone knew that something devastating was lurking from behind the hilarious façade. But the show made sure that they paid attention to every detail in the episodes dedicated to “Bewitched”, “The Dick Van Dyke Show”, and “Malcolm in the Middle”. The actors had to spend weeks at a sitcom boot-camp to watch and study all the iconic comedy shows.

Shot In Front Of Live-Audience


No matter how much we advance in technology, directors prefer being as authentic and loyal to the details as possible. They believe that it brings out the best in one’s performance. To inspire a realistic feeling, MCU shot the first two episodes in front of a live audience. Paying homage to a classic sitcom like this was one of the best experiences the crew and cast had.



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Written by Ipshita Barua