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White Vision: How Powerful Is He Without The Mind Stone?

MCU’s first phase four series, WandaVision’s first season came to an end last Friday. The finale revealed a lot about the newly-introduced characters and the plot. Although, the end and the post-credit seasons kept fans wondering about various things: Wanda’s powers, Agatha’s fate, and mostly about the White Vision and his powers. Before you scroll down, SPOILER ALERT!

In the season finale, fans saw Wanda’s Vision and SWORD’s Vision going head-to-head, while the two witches were yanking each other. The first one was the result of Wanda’s grief and Chaos magic, while the latter one was the over-ambitious creation of SWORD and Tyler Hayward. 

Vision Vs White Vision

Vision Vs White Vision
Vision Vs. White Vision

The new, White Vision is the result of SWORD’s creation, and it’d be a lie to say they didn’t succeed. Vision’s newer version lacks mind stone but still has the same powers granted to the original Vision by the Mind Stone. The android body is still capable of passing through objects, flying, and using his new blue-thing on his forehead. The synthezoid is also shown to have the same intellect and has the ability to reason logically (even without the mind stone).

This was evident when the two Visions were seen discussing each other’s identity and originality by comparing it with the theory of Theseus’s ship. By the end of their discussion, White Vision realizes the true Vision doesn’t exist but both possess considerable parts from the original Vision. Vision teases him with the memory files after which he disappears from Westview. The reason is unknown, however, he could’ve possibly left in disagreement with his mission or in the search for his true identity.

White Vision’s Powers

White Vision
The blue-chip like thing directs a powerful beam

White Vision was portrayed as having the same amount of strength, the original Vision had. His synthezoid body is made of Vibranium which means he’s just as strong as he was. Since he was seen passing through things, he can modify his density and become heavier or lighter. The energy beams that fans saw the White Vision attack with, can cause severe destruction. This makes him even more powerful. His intelligence was also almost impossible to ignore. The intellectual debate displayed his intelligence and promised the viewers that there’s more to offer. The only thing that differs from the original Vision is his spectrum of emotions. If this was a weakness for the original Vision, there will be no emotions clouding White Vision’s judgement (yet!).

Will White Vision Evolve or Change In The Future?

White Vision's future
Anti-Vision from comics

The infinity stones left their impact on the bodies that came in contact. Wanda and Captain Marvel both came in contact with the mind stone, and the Tesseract respectively. Both of them gained powers and had a huge impact that remained even when the stone didn’t. Does that mean that White Vision also has the mind stone’s impact on his body? In the comic universe, the White Vision from the Avengers Spotlight #40 is added with new brain patterns and regains emotions. He also regains his original body from the evil Anti-Vision. Will that make him even more powerful or will it introduce some of the emotions in the future?

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Written by FandomWire Staff