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Tom Holland Reveals His Thoughts on WandaVision


The MCU is a brand that’s too big to fail. This is why every new project that Marvel launches is an instant hit. People thought that WandaVision was a big risk, but just look at the response that it has got. In fact, this success trend isn’t just common with the MCU projects. But even every actor that joins the MCU to play a familiar character goes on to build a massive career in the industry. Tom Holland has been one of the few lucky actors who has managed to gain A-list stardom due to his MCU success. He has become a huge deal in Hollywood. And the next month is going to be great for all Tom Holland fans as he’d star in Chaos Walking, as well as Apple TV+’s Cherry.


He recently spoke to The Playlist, and he was asked several questions about his upcoming projects. But the thing that caught our eye was the questions that he answered about WandaVision. The show has had a grand reception and it has also spawned several theories due to its unsolved mysteries. One of the mysteries that people are eager to solve is of the surprising character that is supposed to appear in the series. And, when The Playlist asked Holland about the character, here’s what he had to say:

“Ooh, do you know what, don’t have a Scooby to who it might be, I really don’t. And I don’t want to say it in case I’m right, and people think I spoiled it. Because people think I have inside information. So I’m going to have to keep my mouth shut there. I honestly haven’t a clue who it might be.”

Well, let’s hope that the mystery character is Magneto or one of the Spider-Men.

Holland Loves WandaVision

Gone are the days where he used to spill the beans while talking about MCU projects. People used to love that. They still love him anyway, but he has learned the trick of keeping spoilers hidden. Anyway, there’s one thing that is common between Holland and the MCU fans. And that’s the love for WandaVision. Holland continued to express his thoughts about the show:

“I’m absolutely loving the show. I love the camaraderie that we have on set every Saturday. We work through the weekends. So, every Saturday everyone’s on set, talking about it and everyone’s spitting their theories out of what’s going on. I love the apprehension of waiting for Friday. I think Elizabeth Olsen is unbelievable in it. The way she can bounce between the different styles of acting and sitcoms is amazing. And I think it’s really funny. I really think it’s really funny. And Paul, In that last episode, when he was doing the interview, I was howling. It’s so funny. I think he’s brilliant. Both of them are fantastic. I love it.”

While people are seeking spoilers from him, he seems to be absolutely clueless himself. In a separate interview with Collider, he said that even he keeps on asking Kevin Feige and co about WandaVision:

“It’s so difficult because obviously, I’m on a Marvel set at the moment. So all of the producers are there, and I could just go up to Kevin Feige and be like, ‘So what happens? What’s going on?’ It’s really difficult for me to not ask the questions I want the answers to, but I’m loving it.”

We know that WandaVision is supposed to lead us into Homecoming 3 and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. So, I guess we will find out its connection with these two movies in a couple of weeks.