Spider-Man 3: New J. Jonah Jameson Image Reveals Key Plot Detail

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Spider-Man 3 is really turning out to be the most anticipated movie of the year. Tom Holland claimed that “it’s the most ambitious standalone superhero movie ever made.” With the kind of cast that this film packs, we can’t really blame anyone to be super psyched for it. So far, we don’t know a lot about the plot. We’re not sure how the multiverse chaos begins and how it’s going to involve the previous two Spider-Men and the Multiverse villains. But a new image has probably revealed what really happened after Mysterio publicly revealed Spider-Man’s secret identity.



It has been revealed that Homecoming 3 will take place during Christmas. So, there will probably be about a 5-6 month time jump after the cliffhanger that Spider-Man: Far From Home left us with. But what happened during this period has only been fan speculation. The only thing we know is that Ned lost a lot of weight during these months. But Sony’s viral marketing Instagram account seems to have hinted at how things transpired between Spider-Man: Far From Home and Homecoming 3. Tony Revolori’s Flash Thompson was seen posting a bunch of Instagram lives on his Insta handle, “@spideyno1fan_” in Far From Home. Apparently, Sony has been running this account for real. And here’s the story that this account recently posted:


We get a new look at J. Jonah Jameson through this “Fan Art” of TheDailyBugle.Net’s promotional clipping. But what’s interesting is the headline. “WHERE IS SPIDER-MAN?” Beneath this headline is a report stating what exactly happened after Mysterio revealed that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. Here, read it if the image seems too small:

“After the brave, strong, glorious hero Mysterio exposed the true identity of the madman, the masked menace Spider-Man, there is STILL no trace of Spider-Man! There has been reports of people in New York saying that they last saw him with an unidentified young lady, watching our big reveal. Since then, chaos has erupted all over New York! Somehow, people STILL support Spider-Man, not us! We are all team Mysterio, baby! Now, police has to take control of the situation, way to go Spider-Man!”


This Instagram account recently teased Ned’s transformation into the Hobgoblin. And now, it might have revealed this key plot point. Spider-Man fought along with the Avengers during the Endgame battle of Earth. He gained a lot of credibility for all the good work he did before Mysterio turned his world upside down. So, it would make sense for people to still stand with Spidey even after TheDailyBugle.Net revealed that doctored video of Quentin Beck. And, it’s also understandable why Spidey would be in hiding all this time. Considering that this info comes from an account linked to Sony, it could have some credibility. But let’s wait and see if this plot point turns out to be true.

Homecoming 3 hits theatres on December 17.


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