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Spider-Man 3 – Ned’s Turn Into Hobgoblin Teased Through Sony’s Viral Marketing Account


Spider-Man 3 is going to be jam-packed with characters. While we have at least 5 heroes coming into the mix, there are even more villains who are supposed to be involved. We’re aware of Electro and Doc Ock’s return. Scorpion could play a role in the film. We’ve reported that the likes of Norman Osborn and Flint Marko are also set to return in the film. And then there’s the possible appearance of Vulture and Mysterio. Besides all these villains, we’ve got a new tease for Ned’s turn into Hobgoblin as well.


MCU’s Ned Leeds is quite different from the comic book Ned. The one from the books was good friends with Peter Parker only until his secret of being the Hobgoblin came out. But later, it was revealed that Ned wasn’t actually the real Hobgoblin. He was brainwashed into taking on the villain’s identity by someone called Roderick Kingsley. In reality, Kingsley was the true Hobgoblin. Soon after this revelation, Ned met his demise, and Peter was left with a lot of guilt.

Ever since Jacob Batalon shredded his body weight, people have been coming up with the theories of Ned turning into the Hobgoblin. It may not have been possible earlier, but it could certainly be possible now. Even Jacob Batalon wants it to happen. And it seems that Ned’s turn into the villain is inevitable as Sony’s viral marketing account has just teased it. Sony has been running this marketing account where they’ve been posing as Tony Revolori’s Flash Thompson for the last few years. Apparently, this is supposed to be the “real” Instagram account of Flash in the Spider-Man franchise. And this account posted the following story recently:

Notice the hat that is drawn on Ned’s head. It is a tease for his turn into the Spider-Man villain. But will this transformation of Ned happen in Homecoming 3? Or will Marvel and Sony plant the seeds for it to happen in Spider-Man 4? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Homecoming 3 arrives on December 17.