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Electrifying Facts About Electro – MCU’s Spider-Man 3 Villain

Jamie Foxx is confirmed to return to play Electro in MCU’s Spider-Man 3 movie. Here are some electrifying facts about the villain we bet you never knew.

Singlehandedly Orchestrated The Ryker’s Island Breakout

Electro was once hired to infiltrate and break out all the prisoners held in the infamous Ryker’s Island maximum security prison. In the New Avengers story line, Electro proves to be a huge threat to the new superhero group.  the Ryker’s Island breakout pushes Electro into the realms of near legendary status. To pull it off, he had to control and manipulate massive amounts of electricity. And the best part is – given his abilities, he could do it again and again. Nobody could stop him.

Mastery  of Magnetism

Max Dillon has gained a wide range of abilities in recent years. One of his new powers is the power to create and control electromagnetic fields. This means that he could not only use electricity as a literal weapon but even mold it to throw cars, vehicles, and trucks at his enemies. Villains with powers of Magnetism are considered Omega Level Threats. Imagine what Electro is capable of if he focused on developing this facet of his powers.

Electricity Gives Him Super Strength

Electricity is Electro’s bread and butter. And it gives him more abilities than you could care to imagine. Electro’s body can absorb near limitless amounts of electricity. While he uses them to fire jolts of lightning, there are other ways he could use them too. When he absorbs sufficient amount of electricity, he could even gain access to super human physical attributes of strength, speed, stamina, and durability.

Hates the ‘1%’

In more ways than one, Electro is the “One Bad Day” version of Spider-Man. Like Peter Parker, Electro belonged to the lower class. He was a blue collar employee, working as an electrician for a Power Company. Max Dillon was not a billionaire. He was a common man and a victim of the elite 1 per cent. In a storyline titled Power To The People. Max Dillon even leads the charge for a revolt against the Elite and the Super-Rich. His plans are thwarted eventually.

Can Turn Into Living Lightning

Electro has had a colorful run in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. But his most powerful display of strength was in The Gauntlet story arc. There Electro gains a range of new abilities that throws Spider-Man‘s life into utter turmoil. One of his deadliest abilities was the power to turn his body into energy. Electro could literally become living lightning, using the New York City Power Lines to travel instantaneously all across the city. His powers were short-lived since he soon started to lose control and was defeated.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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