“12 million worth of tv time”: Unusually Small Amount of Screentime for Taylor Swift Silences Super Bowl Fans

With a total of just 1% of screen time at the Super Bowl, Taylor Swift’s harshest detractors were unable to continue their criticism of her.

"12 million worth of tv time": Unusually Small Amount of Screentime for Taylor Swift Silences Super Bowl Fans


  • While cheering for boyfriend Travis Kelce at the Super Bowl, Taylor Swift appeared on screen for 55 seconds of the total coverage.
  • This unusually short screen time served as a fitting answer to many Super Bowl buffs who have criticized her prominence at the games.
  • Swifties meanwhile, dismissed the negative comments and believed that she is the best thing to happen to the NFL.
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Taylor Swift has single-handedly contributed to the glamor quotient of the NFL while supporting her boyfriend and Kansas City Chiefs footballer Travis Kelce. More significantly, the viral singer has proved that she has the power to generate huge money for the sport just through her appearances at Kelce’s games by dominating a significant portion of the screen time.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift performs during the opener of her Eras tour in Arizona.

While Swifties have been ecstatic at the way this romance has been shaping up, a few hardcore NFL fans have been harshly critical of Swift hogging the limelight. Some went as far as to spin conspiracy theories involving the US President Joe Biden and the upcoming elections. But all this talk was put to rest when the Blank Space singer got a significantly low percentage of screen time during the Super Bowl 2024 despite Kelce’s team being the winners.

Taylor Swift’s 55-Second Super Bowl Screen Time Is A Fitting Answer To Critics

While Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce may be the couple of the moment, the singer’s love affair with the NFL is a story by itself. Swift’s show of support for her boyfriend and his team not only led to a big Super Bowl win for the Kansas City Chiefs, but also contributed to NFL’s massive economic growth. But the relationship has also seen its fare share of criticisms. From facing backlash for diluting the sport to being accused of political conspiracies, Swift has been at the center of a lot of negative hype as well.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl 2024

But the Super Bowl has made a lot of her detractors eat their words. According to a report in USA Today, the Grammy winner was shown on screen for a total of 55 seconds out of a broadcast that lasted a total of 4 hours and 18 minutes, which was 1% of the entire coverage. This statistic was drawn up from the kickoff time until the end of the game.

This surprisingly small percentage of screen time for the Enchanted singer is surely a fitting reply to all her critics and hardcore Super Bowl fans who were constantly harping on her presence at the matches. Some netizens believed that this short appearance was more than enough to make the NFL even more rich, while others dismissed all the negative comments directed at her.




While being a celebrity comes with extreme reactions of adulation and criticism, there is no denying that Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, and the NFL are currently a threesome to be envied!

The Taylor Swift Phenomenon Reaches Harvard

Taylor Swift is among the few living celebrities around the world who has the unique distinction of making it into the textbooks. At just 34 years old, the singer has already created history with a reputed Harvard course being introduced in her name. The course titled English 183ts: Taylor Swift and Her World will reportedly deal with not just her music, but will also trace her phenomenon as a pop culture icon.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift in her single Love Story

Expectedly, the course saw a huge number of eager Swifties making the most of the opportunity. With over 300 students enrolling, it became evident that the course directors would have to look for more support to manage the workload. Instructor Stephanie Burt appealed to Swift fans online through Twitter, in which she requested people to sign up as teaching assistants.


Our Taylor Swift course at Harvard is so popular that we need additional teaching assistants. If you live in the Boston/Providence metro, love Tay, & have *qualifications or experience to teach a writing intensive college course,* my DMs are open.”

Burt also detailed the various aspects that the course will cover including fan culture, celebrity culture, and adolescence and adulthood. She believed that Taylor Swift’s huge influence in the country’s monetary growth was a defining factor in her headlining a course study.


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