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12 Famous Movie Endings That Were Reshot & Turned Into Something Else

We have seen so many alternate movie endings, from unexpected deaths to last-minute twists. Over time, they often shed a different light on a film we thought we knew well. Sometimes they kinda reveal fascinating insights into the creative technique. After all, filmmaking has been one of the most collaborative processes around. Tons of famous movie endings were reshot and turned into something else, either to make it unique or to show how mental and awful most filmmakers’ ideas are. Here’s our pick of 12 famous movie endings that we’re reshot and turned into something else. Let’s check it out.

Suicide Squad tops the list with the latest cut revealing a completely new storyline with other details about the movie. David Ayer’s version, including the climax, had also been drastically altered by the studio quite like the Justice League.

Famous movie endings

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story comes next on the list of famous movie endings that were reshot. This spinoff’s most loved scene is when Darth Vader slaughters an entire rebel ship at the end of the movie. But little did we know this scene wasn’t supposed to be included in the movie. With many other changes in reshoots, this scene has won many hearts in the age of modern cinema.

Famous movie endings

Dark Phoenix had been majorly criticized for being a dull conclusion to the X-Men Saga. Even though the ending was originally a lot different, the audience have found the climax pretty satisfying scene in the whole movie.

Famous movie endings

The Shawshank Redemption is known as one of the incredible movies of all time. The most loved ending scene was surprisingly never the plan. However, the fact that there was no reunion between Red and Andy made it even worse.

I Am Legend eventually led to an arguably worse ending. That very ending scene was supposed to be different.

28 Days Later was too dark for a horror movie. This movie had several endings but the one we eventually ended up watching on the big screen was wholly deserving for the audience.

Famous movie endings

Get Out; the modern masterpiece was incomplete without its iconic ending. The ending was supposed to have Chris getting arrested by the police for the murders.

E.T.‘s ending scene was one of the most loved among the sci-fi classics. The story followed the death of E.T. but eventually, he came back to life. And that wasn’t always planned. However, this one was rather much satisfying.

The ending of Little Shop of Horrors was too dark to be a musical comedy. The original ending of the movie was too depressing, and for that being reason, they instead showed Seymour destroying the evil plant.

Surprisingly, Pretty Woman wasn’t scripted to be a rom-com in the first place. But eventually, it became a feel-good movie with the ending of a Cinderella story.

Superman II also went through reshoots after the director got replaced. The ending of the movie with Superman turning back in time is just like the previous one.

The ending of Gangster Squad was altered due to a real-life accident. The story of the movie was supposed to show a shootout in Grauman’s Chinese theatre but that all changed after the 2012 shooting at the theatre. They decided to move the movie’s climax out of the theatre in Chinatown.

Famous movie endings

So that was all about the famous movie endings that were reshoot & turned into something else. If we missed any important ones, do let us know in the comment section.

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