13 Jokes For Fans Of Fictional Couples That Never End Up Together

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Whether you cried over fictional couples like Jackie and Hyde from That 70’s Show or Rory and Jess from Gilmore Girls, it’s safe to say we’ve all had our hearts broken from ships that should’ve been endgame. Too many jokes about fictional couples are surfacing and we have made of 13 such jokes.


Maybe the protagonist chose the wrong person, the love interest died, or perhaps the plot didn’t let the relationship thrive in the first place. All we know is that it’s a different kind of hurt when people who’re meant to be together are apart. 

Here are 13 jokes about fictional couples you’ll get if you’re part of the club!


1. For those of us who enjoy the pain and suffering of doomed couples, here’s one for you:

2. They say “you can’t have everything”

3. I think this hurts more. Here is something for the fans of fictional couples to think about:


4. Thank you, Olivia Rodrigo, for making it clear.

5. This is always me at the writers when they mess it up every time:

6. If you are ever looking for a “Heartbroken Fanfic reader starter pack”, here is something for you.


7. This is the exact explanation of “the uncalled-for personal attack”. Do you also agree?

8. Preach!!!

9. This is a bitter and uncomfortable truth about fictional couples:


10. This one is for the kids obsessed with couples who should be together but are not:

11. I’ll BRB! I think I’ll be crying my eyes out! Do you also feel this way?

12. This one is a very accurate representation of my entire friend circle:


13. When we say “different kind of hurt”, we actually mean this, because this hurts too.

So, what did you think of these jokes about fictional couples? Did you also find them funny and sad, at the same time? Well, if you did then you are not alone. I felt it too. Tell us if you enjoyed these.


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