14 Insanely Hilarious Deadpool Variants MCU Multiverse Must Bring In, Ranked


What’s better than one Deadpool? Why multiple Deadpools of course!!! There are so many whacky, crazy Deadpool variants that we hade to list them out.

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This version of Deadpool belongs to Earth-90211. In this reality, the venom symbiote, after being rejected by Peter Parker, never reaches Eddie Brock. Instead it somehow makes its way to Wade Wilson. When a symbiote possessed a serial killer, we got carnage. Just imagine how incredibly twisted a monstrosity Venompool would be. It even made an appearance in Deadpool kills Deadpool.


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No this Deadpool is not a combination of Deadpool and Judge Dredd. Dreadpool is even more violent than the normal Deadpool. After being incarcerated in a psych ward, Deadpool had all his voices of reason aka his rational thought boxes erased. Dreadpool is literally a walking terminator, having lost his sanity. He is later killed by earth-616’s Deadpool for killing off all the other good Deadpools across the multiverse.


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Watari of Earth-11542 was betrayed by his friend and left to die. Taking place in the 17th Century, Watari later gains recognition as a great samurai that never dies. People aptly call him “The Fool” Ronin-Pool later aids the good Deadpools against the evil Deadpools in Deadpool kills Deadpool.


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Zenpool was created after the Red Skull manipulated Professor X into inverting the personalities of all Marvel heroes. Unlike the mainstream Deadpool that lives and breathes violence, Zenpool believes in peace and harmony. His pacifistic ideals make him help and love every  man, woman, animal, and non-living object equally.

Death Mask

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Earth-11638 saw reed Richards cure Deadpool of a lethal brain tumor. This allowed Deadpool of this reality to gain superhuman intelligence. Taking on the new name of Death Mask, Deadpool became this reality’s Doctor Doom equivalent. Death mask forged a mighty criminal empire while Victor Von Doom became Death Wish, a Deadpool-like hero who was best friends with Earth-616 Deadpool.


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This is Deadpool bonded with Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton and claws. Given this version’s power sources, you would think he is one of the good ones. But he was actually an evil Deadpool that was killed after a grenade full of flesh eating bugs took him out fairly easily. Only his adamantium skeleton remained.

Deadpool 2099

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Warda Wilson is the daughter of Deadpool and the demon Shiklah. Deadpool never knew he had a daughter and Warda is trying to hunt him down to know the whereabouts of her mother. That’s a sick father-daughter relationship.


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A lovable mash-up of Groot and Deadpool, Groot-Pool’s lack of vocabulary was what made him unique. Unable to crack witty jokes, he could only reply with – “I am Deadpool”.

Ultimate Deadpool

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Wadey Wilson of Earth-1610 was a brutal survivor of the Wakanda Wars. He wears a plastic helmet over his skinless head and hunts mutants for sport on live television. Certainly one of the least attractive Deadpools ever.


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Ever wonder what happens if Deadpool gains the Power Cosmic? Galactipool is a cross between Galactus and Deadpool. And he is exactly what he sounds like. He was killed after Deadpool crashed his vehicle – the Bea Arthur, onto his head. His head then crushed the Evil Deadpool.

Golden Age Deadpool

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Earth-TRN245’s Deadpool is named Frederick ‘Wheezy’ Wilson. Wheezy snuffed in too much mustard gas in a bid to avoid military drafting during WW1. The Germans captured him and experimented on him, giving him his healing powers. But Wheezy, now with a permanent breathing apparatus for a mask, became a force for good.


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He is either from Earth-TRN664 or earth-TRN312. regardless of his origin, Pandapool was quite the force of nature. He took out many evil Deadpools before being taken down himself.


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Hailing from earth-41627, Squirrelpool’s real name is unknown. He was part of the Deadpool squad that was sent to rescue the original Deadpool from the hands of Evil Deadpool corps. However Squirrelpool was KIA later.

Deadpool Dinosaur

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A combination of Deadpool and Devil Dinosaur, Deadpool Dinosaur had a saddle mounted machine gun used by its rider – Moonboy. Moreover the T-Rex also sported Deadpool’s signature healing factor. This Deadpool variant was a force of nature.


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